05 June 2012

Two Shots of Euphoria

While I'm busy trying to pull films out of my ass create brilliant cinema with the written word, my super sexy and awesome husband is building his portfolio as a Digital Composer. What IS a digital composer? It's a person who uses a computer program with digital loops to create music, specifically scores for film/TV/commercials, etc. Before you musical people scoff at the idea of anyone making beautiful music with "loops," digital composing is an actual career in Hollywood and a very affordable way for filmmakers to add music to their films. Not to mention, Michael-- who was a drummer for many years-- is GREAT at it. And this is coming from a musical person.

With loops, it's not just a matter of putting a few together that sound good and pressing play. Michael can change time signatures and keys; add effects like delay, reverb, distortion; you can stretch the loops, fade them in and out, speed one up while slowing another down. And don't forget about mixing the sound levels of each loop to balance the piece and finalize the tone.  Yes, he's still semi-new at it and there's a lot to learn, but hell, aren't we ALWAYS learning?

The little SoundCloud widget I added on the left is my favorite piece he's created so far. Have a listen-- it's about two minutes. You can hear more of his stuff here.

The reason I even mention this-- besides bragging rights-- is that Michael and I have gotten his blog "Two Shots of Euphoria" going again. Don't you just love the title? Anyway, we're collaborating meaning he tells me what he wants to say and I artfully and brilliantly and humbly write it out for him. I'm basically a not-so-ghostwriter. So check out his blog: Michael is creative and has a great perspective on life.

Hermmm.... Do you think I could use this on a resume since I'm technically writing for someone else?

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