07 June 2012

iPhone Photo Fun

A few weeks ago, our Sprint contract was up for renewal which meant one thing: NEW PHONES! While I enjoyed my HTC Evo (Android) phone when I first got it in 2009, lately it had been on the fritz and by "fritz" I mean calling people randomly then every time I'd hit the "home" or "back" buttons it would redial... my mom's cell... at 12:45am! Phone Fail.

Now I've got an iPhone 4S and for the most part, I love it. The storage space both in the phone and with iCloud is reason enough to have one. But I've also got an iPad and Macbook so it's nice to have fully compatible tech. Of course, the iPhone gets the fun games and some cool apps, but I miss my Zedge app that gave me great ringtones and wallpapers. I still haven't found an app that I like for that stuff. Any recommendations? Plus it's aggravating that even after I download a ringtone, I have to connect my phone to iTunes before I can use it. Yes it's extra security, but dammit! I'm lazy!

Siri-- the virtual assistant-- is awesome. I asked Siri how to get a blow job, she offered to do a web search and I said "NO!" How did she respond? "Okay... I didn't think so."  Siri has a wonderfully robotic dry sense of humor.
But my favorite part of the iPhone is the camera. I love the quality of photos even when there's a lack of light, not to mention there's a reversible camera! FINALLY! I have been waiting to have that feature for ages. It's amazing how little technology changes make life more fun. And with all this photo taking, the battery life is excellent: I can't wait to use this at Disneyland in July!!

Okay, so here's the photo fun I've been having lately:

Food at the Screenwriter Smorgasbord at The Great America Pitchfest

 Horribly blurry photo because I sat too far away BUT... the guy on the left is Rhett Reese, writer of Monsters, Inc and Zombieland... he's one cool dude

Mani/pedi for the Pitchfest (please excuse the feet pic)
Fingers: Westbourne Grove
Toes: Porchester Square
 nails inc "Neon & Nude" collection

Cooper in need of Mommy/Kitty cuddle time

Cooper sad to discover the outer ball from his toy mysteriously disappeared...


Left: wearing my kick ass star earrings that I'll probably throw away since they ALWAYS infect my ears.

Right: Playing around with the mirror doors in my please-ignore-the-mess-because-this-is-a-storage-room room. Like my new top from Lane Bryant? I dressed it up with a black blazer. (if you're new to Hodge Podge Gallery, you'll quickly realize I don't do outfit photos because I'm a walking advertisement for LB. Actually I almost didn't put this pic up but DAMMIT! I'm tired of hiding! I look cute for plus size but it's awfully boring.) For fashion AWESOMENESS, click here, here, and here.

Makeup "dead face" 
I've switched from liquid foundation to Bare Minerals, apparently powder foundation is better for oily skin. Do we like? There's nothing I can do about my "chocolate sprinkles" but everything else looks even and smooth (even without the Bare Minerals brushes that I keep telling myself I don't need...)

Also, I wanted to try a photo in natural lighting. I promise I smile LOTS in real life-- I have no choice since I'm So. Damn. Funny.

Eye shadows:
CG "Mink"
Urban Decay "Bootycall" "Snakebite" "Suspect" "YDK" (from Naked 2 palette)
Maybelline black eyeliner (smudged!)
Maybelline Great Lash and Maybelline Great Last BIG mascaras in Very Black

Dear God I need help with my eyebrows... but I'm loving my eyes with these shades.

The Red Door in Toluca Lake. There's no sign for the bar, just-- you guessed it-- a red door.

And of course we had an "Animal Style"dinner-- this is the only decent place nearby that's open after 11:30pm besides Del Taco (and my stomach can't handle fast food Mexican)

So there's a little camera love from my iPhone. If you're debating about spending the money but take TONS of videos and photos with your phone, GET AN IPHONE!

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