02 June 2012

To Do List

I love making lists because each time I cross off something it feels like a small MEGA accomplishment. For instance:
wash dishes
fold laundry
play video games
make a shopping list

Just look at how much one can accomplish in a week.

As I've been prepping all week for the Great American Pitchfest in Burbank this weekend,  I haven't had time to blog; and now that I'm going to create a regular daily writing schedule (like... using SPREADSHEETS, which, if you're a creative person, can scare the shit out of me you), I thought I'd put up a To Do List of my tasks in the coming week to share more of my writing process and early career steps. I'm also planning on posting script pieces so you can see what the heck I actually want to do in film.

To Do List
1. Create work and life schedule spreadsheet, as well as spreadsheets for documenting all scripts or treatments I've registered & copyrighted, info on the Trades, and screenplay contests I've entered.

2. Re-do the schedule to be more realistic.

3. Stick to the schedule.

After trying for years to be the laid back artistic type most successful film people seem to be, I realized I need STRUCTURE to accomplish... anything. School provided deadlines, accountability, and stakes that forced me to finish scripts and stories. There was stability in the day-to-day routine of going to class, socializing, and doing homework. A couple years ago I thought going back to school for a teaching degree was what I needed: turns out I just need the structure behind the academic world.

And discipline.

I went to an ILLUMINATING strengths workshop at my church, called "Illuminate." Go figure. There's more I'll explain in another blog, but basically, out of 34 total strengths I could have as my top 5, Discipline was not one of them. It's a weakness for me, actually. But our strengths help us manage our weaknesses. Since one of my strengths is Responsibility, I can use the side of myself that feels a duty to write as the driving force toward discipline. Such is the plan-- this must happen in order for me to become a successful screenwriter-- and you're coming along for the ride!

P.S. Check out two new amazing blogs by two lovely women.
The first is LA By Diana Live Magazine - a great visual blog about life and fashion in LA. Diana has fabulous taste and great insight into this crazy city.
The second is A Wife's Charmed Life - Ibyang shares photos, stories, and what she's learned as a wife living on the other side of the world.
Both great blogs to kick off your summer (or winter if you're in Sydney)!!


  1. I am very glad you like my blog. I love your pitch by the way ;)

    Hope you had a great weekend ;)


  2. YAY! This makes me super happy!!! I am a type a super freak so action plans, organization and schedules are my life-fuel. I'm so excited to get to read about you following your dreams and making them happen! I can't wait to read some of your stuff lady! Xo Lori