22 January 2010


Next weekend I'm heading down to visit my parents and, in doing so, have volunteered to sing at their church.

That's one of my other "talents"-- singing. I'm not bad, but I'm not great either, plus I'm 130 pounds overweight and feeling a little self-conscious. Insecurities are funny and I've spent most of life NOT doing things because of them, so the church singing shall commence. And don't worry, I am chiseling away at that number, it's just a SLOW process.

There are some days I wish I would've pursued singing over film and writing, wondering if I'd be utilizing music skills in a career versus using no skills in a lead-to-nowhere job. Or perhaps my drawing ability. In high school, my college choices were based on drawing, music, or writing-- good gracious! I'd be poorly employed no matter what!

The one consolation in this observation is realizing that I'm MEANT for the ARTS. If I'd gone into Law or Medicine (God help us all), I would have faced an unfulfilled and useless existence. Anyway, continue carrying on in whatever you're meant to do.

14 January 2010

The Constipation of Marriage: Part 1

Andrea had suffered from this unending constipation long enough.

I will get to the bottom of this-- no pun intended-- and regain my regularity, Andrea thought to herself as she buttoned the long, green trench coat framing her trim 27 year old figure. Freshly curled and sprayed red hair tumbled from the inside of the collar and over shapely shoulders, framing her creamy complexion still slightly sun-kissed from her recent honeymoon to Jamaica.

Heavy footsteps resounding from the master bedroom preceded Andrea's dashing husband, Eric, a chiseled, closely shaved, and over-gelled History professor. The smell of after-shave aroused Andrea's nostrils as her young husband wrapped his muscular arms around her, closing in for a delightful kiss before heading off to work.

"Are you ready, sweetheart? Your appointment is in ten minutes." Eric graciously grabbed his wife's overstuffed purse from the counter and slipped his gloved hand into hers. They smiled and gaily walked out the door into the morning sunshine, all the while Andrea's bowels begging for sweet relief.

13 January 2010

Mom, I Burned the Gravy

On Sunday afternoon, all little Erin wanted to do was help. Help make the bed; help clean her room; help her baby brother eat; help Mom make the dinner. Graciously, Erin's mother smiled a perfectly white smile and replied in a perfectly kind voice, "Of course you can help, sweetheart."

And yet, when Erin tried tucking in the sheets, or folding clothing strewn across the floor, or spooning mushed peas into tiny Jeremy's toothless mouth, her mother was right there, tucking, folding, and feeding right next to her.

"But I want to help, Mother. Let me do it," Erin pleaded in a not-so-perfect tone with not-so-perfect pronunciation.

"I know you want to help," her mother countered sweetly, "but you might make a mess."

Discouraged, Erin walked away and let her mother finish the task Erin began, tears glistening in the corners of Erin's generous eyes. Seeing this, her mother's perfectly white smile and perfectly kind voice faltered, and she put down the mushed peas while Jeremy whined and reached for the spoon.

"Erin, I want you to help me cook dinner." Realizing her mother actually needed her help caused a huge grin to spread across Erin's earnest face. She grabbed her favorite stool and dragged it over the perfectly waxed wooden floor and plopped it directly in front of the stove.

Since the chicken roasted perfectly in the oven with the stuffing, and the potatoes sat perfectly mashed in bowl on the counter, all that remained to Erin's delight was the gravy, already beginning to boil on the stove.

"Please let me stir the gravy, Mother. I want to help you," Erin asked excitedly. Her mother paused, poured in the remaining ingredients, reduced the heat, and handed Erin a whisk. Then she met Erin's eager eyes. "When the gravy bubbles again that means it's finished cooking. Come and get me so I can turn the heat off. Be careful, sweetheart."

Anxious to begin, Erin nodded in agreement and plunged the whisk into the brownish liquid, creating a torrent of blending ingredients, while her mother carried baby Jeremy upstairs for a diaper change. Soon, Erin's arm began to tire and her attention lingered on the birds chirping wildly outside on this lovely spring evening.

Behind her, bubbles slowly rose to the top of the gravy. Faster and faster the bubbles came until the gravy attempted its escape from the hot metal pot, desperately spilling over the edge and onto the stove with a loud hisssssss.

Erin awoke from her trance, horrified at the angry sounds and smells resounding from the gravy pot and stove. She ran to her mother.

"Mother! Mother!" she cried, frightened. Her mother rushed downstairs to the stove, turned the heat off and moved the pot.

Erin stood watching her mother fix the mess she'd made and bent her head in regret. "Mom, I burned the gravy. I'm sorry." Surveying the damage-- perfectly seasoned gravy burned and crusted on her perfectly clean stove-- Erin's mother turned toward her.

Suddenly her perfectly white smile returned to her face, and her perfectly kind voice soothed Erin as she hugged her daughter, "Don't worry, Erin. It's just gravy and you won't learn if you don't try. Thank you for helping."

01 January 2010


Welcome to the Hodge Podge Gallery! This blog provides an opportunity for me - an amateur artist - to introduce myself to the digital community and show what I'm all about. Am I hoping this blog will be my big break? Not really, if it happens, great, but let's be honest, the chances are slim. Exposure is awesome, but this blog is serving as both a motivating factor for me to draw and write, plus it's a way for me to connect with an area of the public I can't normally communicate with.

Throughout our journey on this blog, you will see drawings, photographs, stories, and maybe even hear some music as I explore the deeply rooted creativity with which God blessed me. You'll also see links, writings, and videos from other artists I admire and would love to share with the world.

Willing to grow, I accept and LOVE constructive criticism, as well as positive feedback so comment away! Feel free to ask questions and offer challenges - what better way for all of us to learn! My hope is to update daily. Let's get started!

Hodge Podge