28 March 2012

Lovin' Me Some Spotify

So remember when I said how one of my current favorite things was Spotify? No?! It's like you readers have lives or something.  Well I said it. And I lied.

I FREAKING LOVE Spotify.  I want to kiss (not really) the person who came up with the idea to put tons of music in a database, let you listen to it for free with minor commercial interruptions, sync it with Facebook so you can see/share what your friends are listening to, and upload playlists from iTunes. Genius.  Although it frustrates me that I can't listen to certain tracks because they're not playable in the US-- lame!-- those are few and far between so my frustration is minimal.  And although Pandora is great at forcing you to listen to artists you've never heard before, on Spotify you're not limited to how many songs you skip, not to mention I can CHOOSE the songs I want to hear.

I listen to it so much that I look for my favorite songs on my iPod thinking I own them. Then I remember they're on Spotify and get sad. Then I come home, turn on Spotify, and I'm happy again (it doesn't take much for me).  I am seriously considering Spotify Premium for $10/ month. Anyone out there using it?  There are plenty of other services I can get for $10/mo (like makeup and beauty samples or subscriptions to magazines), but I can't express in words my love of music, as well as my desire for song choices-- I need options people!

Now that I've finished GUSHING, here's who I'm listening to at the moment:

Lana Del Rey
Before you go ranting on about her performance on SNL-- I've seen it. And it wasn't good.  She looked unbelievably nervous, especially the second time when she knew the first performance had gone horribly wrong. I'd also like to remind cynics that-- surprise!-- she's human, not to mention young with plenty to learn.  Yet, I don't think her music (falling under the category of "Sadcore") is for everyone. But I'm crazy about the lyrics.  Lines like "You fit me better than my fav-or-ite sweater," "You're so fresh to death and sick as cancer," and "He loves me with every beat of his cocaine heart" are gritty, sexy, and weirdly romantic.  I don't know if she writes her songs, if it's a collaboration, or if it's someone else entirely, but they speak of wild youth, the SoCal life, and dealing with the troubles of reality.  The songs are far more interesting than anything from mainstream Pop (and I like that music too) and reminds me of lost youth like James Dean, Marilyn Monroe, Winehouse, Cobain... those beautiful people who drowned in their own inner conflict.

Songs On Repeat: "Off to the Races," "Born to Die," and "Blue Jeans"

Hugo is cool. British cool.  He has a sexy voice, sexy look, and can pull off a fedora like it's nobody's business. Not to mention his music is great-- he's got skills with lyrics and a guitar.  You may have heard his remake of Jay-Z's "99 Problems" during the credits of the "Fright Night" remake (a film you MUST see).  Yet it's the rock and roll gospel of "Old Tyme Religion" that has me coming back for more.

Songs on Repeat: "99 Problems" and "Old Tyme Religion"

Not gonna lie: I love the British music scene. And I don't even do it on purpose! I just happen to like songs and artists and BOOM! They're British. Duffy's 2009 album "Rockferry" is (and will always be) all kinds of fun-- it's a little rock & roll with a twist of jazz.  Have a listen!

Songs on Repeat: "Mercy" and "Syrup and Honey"

William Fitzsimmons

I tried posting a picture but something has gone wrong with my Blogger photo uploader since the update.  It's extremely aggravating. TECH SUPPORT!  Anyway, Fitzsimmons definitely falls under the category of singer/songwriter with a beat (I added that last part), yet his songs go much deeper and are more beautiful than simple tales of love lost/love found. The guy has a Master's in Counseling, worked for years with the severely mentally ill, and is basically a psychotherapist (all of this info courtesy of his website... so let's hope he isn't a liar). Talk about depth: he's a man who has a different perspective on life with plenty to say about the human condition. There isn't a bad song on his album "Gold in the Shadow."

Songs on Repeat: "Bird of Winter Prey," "The Tide Pulls From the Moon," and "Psychasthenia"

What have you been listening to lately?


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  2. I LOVE Lana. I refuse to watch her SNL performance because I don't want it to ruin songs for me, especially since her's is one of my fave CD's right now. Also, I think born to die is my fave as well and Blue Jeans for sure!

  3. Definitely. And it's really not that bad of a performance-- at least she TRIED singing live! I also love the song and video of "Video Games"