05 March 2012

Hair's the Problem: A Beauty Post

Though I've been trying to expand my makeup horizons, try new looks, and blog about them, I hit a snag 10 days ago when my right eye started feeling a bit... sore and irritated. The next day I woke up, noticed the lid swelling, and knew I had another damn stye.  I used to get these stupid eyelid infections (think eye pimple due to oil build up in the lash pore) as a kid and remember holding searingly hot cloths to the infected lid-- once I had two, one on the bottom and the other on the top lid. Special.

So this is what I looked like for a few days:
I promise no one punched me and I wasn't stung by a bee. Ah the pleasures of having ridiculously oily skin (my dad had the same problem in high school).  I never got it to burst while I was awake, but it took a few days of waking up to a crusted shut eye to see the thing dissipate.  Don't you just love medical stories?!

As a result I've gone makeup less until the redness went away. Which was this past Saturday.  Fortunately this was just in time for Date Night so I got all sexified with a darker golden look.

My Pinspiration:

And here's my attempt:
 Not gonna lie, I made such a mess with the Black and Dark Gray (I tried them both out) that I had to remove all the makeup surrounding my eyes because I looked dirty.  Note to self: when using dark shadow, do the eyes FIRST. In addition, I think I'm reaching a point where I want to try out fake lashes. Nothing too large but just enough to accent when I go out. With the right lashes I think I'd do "doe-eyed" pretty well.

And like I mentioned here, I did chop off my locks for a short, sassy do that I can manage and won't make me look like a man (I've been called "sir" before... painful).



What do you think? As you can see, I didn't go red-- the stylist talked me out of it! Apparently red fades the fastest, is a ton of maintenance (and $$$), and is a big commitment... like YEARS.  And if I wanted to revert back to blond, I'd need to bleach my fine hair, damaging it big time in the process. Sigh... I think I'd make a great red head too.  Ah well, all the women at the salon love my natural color (in better lighting I promise) and said so many women want my shade.  

All this appearance altering brought me to a startling realization: I'm a short hair gal.  Long hair is beautiful on women who have plenty of it and know how to style it, but shortly after my hair passes my shoulders it becomes scraggly and has no body. I know in the above photos it doesn't look that way but that's only because I'd just finished doing my hair when I took the pictures. Ten minutes later and my hair would be lifeless. Bummer.  Perhaps some day for a special occasion I'll splurge for extensions.

I've always been a proponent for long hair as women age since it takes years off; however, short hair will be my look from now on. My hair looks fuller, healthier, and I can maintain it better.  Plus it's damn cute when done right.  What kind of rules do you have about hair?


  1. I've been growing my hair out for the last year or so. It's a slow process and I just thought about chopping it off the other day to about where yours is. I'm not sure, I've had it that shrot but I want to try the long look for a while again. Do you remember when I had hair to my butt? Too long!

    1. Omg yes, too long! My 10 year old sis-in-law has hair that long and when it's fine like mine it just looks lifeless and sad :( lol But keep growing till you think you've reached length capacity then you can decide what you prefer.

  2. Ok first of all, awesome job with your makeup! It looks freaking awesome and dare I say better than the pinspiration?! I like that your version isn't as harsh! And yes, apply dark shadows before other makeup! If you dust a bunch of translucent powder under your eyes first (I mean, kinda cake it on) it will catch all the debris and can be easily swept away...you can also buy eye guards or just make your own!

    I looove your new hair cut, it's so cute on you and shut up, someone did not confuse you for a man, they were clearly blind and/or crazy!!! I want to drop kick that individual. I'm not gonna lie, I was so jazzed to see you with red hair but I 100% understand...I've dyed my hair so many times and it's so much maintenance...also I highly recommend extensions...I got one of the jessica simpson Hair-do ones and it was fabulous!!! I probably should just send it to you since I don't plan to ever have my hair that blonde again!!!!! I can't wait till I can afford more of them in my current shade!

  3. Thank you, and although I wanted the makeup darker, I do agree that it would've been too dark for my skin if it was exactly like the photo.

    Yeah, I really think I would've liked the red but been upset at the unexpected amount of maintenance since I've never dyed my hair before. And my mom probably would've stopped talking to me for a while--no joke. Thanks for the extension recommendation... That's another undiscovered beauty territory that might be more my speed.

    1. The Hair Do ones are super easy-I mean insanely easy! Sign up for Gilt and Hautelook, there are always Hairdo's for super cheap on there, you just have to watch the daily sales!