06 April 2012

Veggie Chili & Flourless Brownies: Recipe FAIL

I tried a couple more recipes on Pinterest and, sadly, these were unsuccessful as they did not taste good.

The first was a slow cooker vegetarian chili I found on Real Simple that looked lovely and was packed with spices. See below:
The big pile of brown spice you see in the bottom left corner is actually unsweetened cocoa powder... which made me nervous. And for good reason.

The chili looked good, the vegetables cooked properly, but the spices made it taste... funky. No, you wouldn't spit it out as soon as it touched your lips, but something isn't quite right with the overall flavor. No good. The pin looks like this in case you want to know:

The second was a Flourless Brownie recipe I found here. The pin looks like this:

 Mine came out like so:
I was truly pulling for these brownies. Made with almond butter & honey, they were grain-free, gluten-free, and sugar free, so I hoped to get major brownie points (pun INTENDED) by making a GUILT-free chocolate treat. However, when Michael asked if I was mad at him after I served him the brownies, I laughed, spit out my own bite, and dumped the whole pan into the garbage. What a waste. 

Note: I consider myself to have a low tolerance of taste when it comes to uber healthy food, but I just did not like these. It won't stop me from trying a recipe for Paleo Brownies next, though!


  1. I've found healthy cooking is trial and error and when you find the good ones you can save the recipes until you have a good rotation, which is where we're at now...I have at least 1 really good vegetarian chili recipe I can dig out if you want it! Xo Lori

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    1. Send me an e-mail, it'll help me remember to dig that bad boy out when I get home! :)