14 December 2011

Sanity Savers

Along with attaining physical wellness, I would like to improve emotional, mental, and spiritual health as well.  

Work, family, frenemies, unemployment, pets, finances-- so many things can drive us to the brink of CRAZY TOWN. Hence why God invented "Hobbies."  It's important to do stuff that takes our minds off the crap of reality and onto our dreams/talents/fun. Maybe you love to write or draw or build Lego towers only to terrorize them later with a plastic Godzilla; perhaps you enjoying singing or playing instruments or doing 6 shots in an hour.  All of these things help refresh our spirits (maybe not the shots) and increase our enjoyment of life.  And isn't that the point of it all... to savor the little things on this journey?

So here are 10 of my Sanity Savers :

1. Blogging (that's kind of a "duh" but I truly love this)

2. Cooking/ trying new recipes-- spice things up!

3. Sipping coffee at Starbucks while people watching (I like to observe the dos and don'ts of fashion).

4. Pinterest. So much fun and so much inspiration.

5. Bad Movies and TV. They require little to no thought. Disclaimer: Some stuff will destroy brain cells and lower your IQ.

6. Video Games. This one is tricky because video games can get frustrating to the point of wanting to throw the controller into the TV while bashing the console with a hammer.  So I suggest puzzle games like Peggle & Plants vs Zombies (or anything made by PopCap).

7. Visiting new places.  There's nothing quite like an adventure-- I get flippin' GIDDY (think "puppy") when I'm let out of the house to explore.

8. Singing. It brings me joy.

9. Hypothetical Conversations. Such as "if you could have any super power, what would it be?" and "which cartoon character would you date?" My answers: Telepathy and him:

Kocoum from "Pocahontas")
If you want to see the rest of the Disney Animated Male (model) Leads, click here. Amazing.

10. Board Games/ Puzzles. I love to concentrate, strategize, think.  Plus they're nostalgic.

So what are YOUR sanity savers??  Let's talk about it over drinks on Thirsty Thursday...

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