07 December 2011

Eye Makeup: White shadow

My newest obsession is Pinterest.  It's freakin' ADDICTING!!  Since I'm such a visual person, making virtual bulletin boards with an endless supply of pictures and topics screams "JAMIE!!!!"  Not only is it a fun hobby, but you also get tons of inspiration and ideas of how to do nails, hair, makeup, crafts, holiday decorations, food to cook, etc etc... Love.

Last week (when my addiction began), I spotted this little beauty:

Natural eye makeup: light brown shadow in the crease, white shadow on the lid, and some black eyeliner.  

Simple. I thought "Holy crap! I can actually do this and make it look good!."  That may have been an overambitious thought.

A few things you should know:
  • I am VERY new to makeup.
  • Unlike this lovely eye model, I have spotted skin covered in moles/freckles. My husband affectionately calls them "chocolate sprinkles." I call them annoying.
  • My eyelashes are lacking in volume, I wouldn't know what to do with fake ones, plus eyelash curlers scare me. I am determined to get over this.
  • I don't have any liquid liner and that might have been helpful for the thinness of the line.
These factors occurred to me, but as I have no idea what to do with my white Lancome shadow, I had to give this a try.Unfortunately, excluding the white, I don't have any matte shadows-- a problem I must remedy-- so the only browns were darker and shimmery. Still, I found one that worked. 

Subtle and easy. The other tiny issue... I'm super PALE. So the white shadow kind of faded, but for the most part I really liked the way it looked. I highly recommend giving it a try since it's a classy way to wear white shadow. If you'll also notice the professional photo, the model has white eyeliner on the bottom lid (or at least more white shadow), as well as the brown shadow underneath the bottom eyelashes. I did the same thing and it definitely helps.

Cooper helped:

If you're not on Pinterest but love to navigate the Internet for ideas, shopping, or just fun, I HIGHLY recommend.


  1. Hey lady! (This is jillian!). Great job! I love this look, simple and classy. You had rockin placement of the brown shadow through the crease! I know you mentioned the model had white shadow below her eye too and you can achieve that with white or skintone colored eye liner on the inner rim of your eye. Its an instant brightening trick for sleepy eyes:)

  2. Thank you Jillian! I need that eye liner-- my eyes always look sleepy.

  3. Well first of all I think you did a freaking awesome job...second of all, I too have been playing with white lately and here's what I learned:
    1) Use a matte shadow primer or foundation all over your lid and let it fully dry
    2) Pat on the white shadow (I actually just used my finger) so it goes on thicker/looks more opaque
    3) Definitely invest in a white or bright nude liner. I highly recommend Korres liner in white. It goes on easily, is very blend-able and it actually doesn't irritate my eyes which is a big plus. I use a white liner almost every time I do my makeup fancy because it does make your eyes look bigger and more awake...

    Oh and finally-I recommend trying The Falsies flared mascara by maybeline or Diorshow mascara by...dior...probably was obvious though lol...they are both great for building both fullness and length, I have a similar issue as you and I hate using a curler-I found this get around needing one...also the best thing to do with false lashes is to practice-the first 5 or so times I tried to use them they were a disaster...also it helps to dedicate an angled brow brush to use for lash glue, it makes application easier and neater!

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