13 December 2011

Cilantro Lime Chicken Tacos

The path to good health requires good-for-you food (obvi) but I've always found the idea of "healthy" food somewhat scary and depressing.  Can food that's good for you really taste yummy?  Can it be simple and inexpensive to prepare? What if I don't like it?! 

Thanks to my obsession with Pinterest & cookbooks, coupled with a love of trying new food, I'm here to test recipes, "healthify" (new word!) recipes, review recipes, and even add my two cents about healthy restaurants in the greater LA area (and a few faves from Chicago). Plus you'll be able to find cooking & shopping tips as well! 

Disclaimer: I am not a Professional (just professionally awesome!), but I am REAL so I promise to be honest about my entire process... especially if I need you to tell me where I went wrong.


After catching a glimpse of this sexy pic on Pinterest and pinning it under my "Foodage" board (follow me at pinterest.com/germangoddess), I knew I had to make it.  That and it's a slow cooker recipe.  What?! you ask.  Sexy Slow Cooker Food?!  Hell yes.

You'll find the recipe here.  The chicken is delish by itself, which is probably the healthiest way to eat it. However, hubby and I were craving Del Taco so I figured the best way to fight against wanting fast food chicken tacos would be to make homemade chicken tacos-- clever, I know.

Here's what I did. I made the recipe as is (including jalapenos) but I DID NOT ADD THE CILANTRO UNTIL THE END. It gets soggy and soggy cilantro is sad cilantro.  As I was also on a time crunch (no I did not oversleep...), I set my crockpot to High and cooked the chicken for 3 hours.  The 5 steroid charged chicken breasts were perfect, juicy, and easy to shred (and by shred I mean "cut into cubes because shredding takes too much effort").  See photo.

You'll also have tons of runny salsa juice so be sure to mix it in with the chicken.  And in case you're wondering how to store cilantro to use in other recipes (like ALL of them because it's so damn good), cut the ends off at an angle and stick it in a small glass with water.  Mine has lasted a few weeks like this:

Grab some flour tortillas and toast them up on the stove.  Just start the flame and lay the tortilla over the burner until it browns on both sides. DO NOT LEAVE THE TORTILLA AT ALL. It will catch fire.

Sprinkle on some cheddar cheese and there you have it. 
P.S. This would be AMAZEballs with homemade salsa.

Let me know if you try this!

Tune in tomorrow for Well-being Wednesday...

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