23 December 2011

Plus Size Fashion

This is debuting a week late as we had another blackout last Friday.  Life is never boring around here.

What are you wearing this winter?  As I spend a ton of time at home, I mainly sport pj pants, sweatshirts, and tanks, but when I go out I'm all about scarves/jeans/button downs/ and layers.  Here are a few pieces for the plus size crowd I just love (and wish Santa would drop down my chimney).

Big shades, chunkified accessories, statement earrings, and white.  Pink and black love.

Jeans in boots, faux fur, turtle necks AND this awesome casual weekend outfit.  I need flats again ASAP.

Sexy red dress + Sexy black dress = Happy ME!

Neutrals, layers, and a trench. How hot are those bags?!

I hope plus size fashion becomes its own bigger and better industry.  Those of us with curves need clothing designed for our bodies, not larger versions of "skinny wear." Emphasize the boobs, the booty, the hips, and make more 3/4 sleeved shirts damn it!  That's a flattering length on most women. Take it easy on the tummy hugging and for the love of Pete let's see more plus size boots!  And ladies remember, loose clothing makes you look BIGGER not smaller, so look for pieces that "love" the best parts of your body and don't be scared to go sleeveless-- it actually thins you out.  

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