07 August 2010

A Tattoo

Though I have yet to embark on the adventure that is permanently inscribing messages and art by way of stabbing into the skin, I would like to get a tattoo before I'm 30. Preferably in the next year before I'm a mother and everyone thinks I'm getting one to appease a mid-life crisis. Honestly, I would love to get LOTS of tatts all over my body, but with my fatness, age, and career path, covering my skin with body art will work against me.

However, I want at least 3 small-ish tattoos in out-of-the-way places the art of which contains deeply personal messages about who I am and what I love. Here's is the first I found on Google and absolutely fell in love.

Pretty sweet, no?


  1. No joke I was just about to post about getting a tattoo!! I don't have one yet either but have always wanted one. I think your choice is very applicable and feminine. Very nice!