08 August 2010

Easy Virtue and Dorian Gray

The other day, Hubby and I each rented a blu-ray and got to choose from 2 free blu-rays courtesy of the Blockbuster In Store Rewards program. We are one of the few households without Netflix (although I thoroughly recommend Netflix over any other rental option currently available, it's just not in our budget at the moment). Anyway, our free movies were LOTR 1 & 2 which we have yet to carve out the necessary half day required for viewing these films. Although this will be epic, it's not the point of my blog. The other 2 films- which we chose separately- were "Dorian Gray" and "Easy Virtue." Both British. Both period pieces. Both starring Colin Firth. How novel. Neither of us had seen DG and Hubby hadn't seen EV- I had and LOVED the film!

We began our movie night with "Dorian Gray" and for the life of me I could not pinpoint the strangle familiarity of Dorian's face. Why did he look so darn familiar? Unable to let it go, I grabbed my trusty laptop and entered in the only site to use when trying to figure out where you've seen that actor whose name eludes you: The International Movie Database http://www.imdb.com

And low and behold what do I discover? The lead in "Dorian Gray" happens to also be the lead in "Easy Virture" alongside Colin Firth! What are the odds? It's fate, I tell you, FATE! Both films were great, entertaining, visual, and interesting. However, the clear winner in this situation is "Easy Virtue." With its dry, almost dark humor, amazing production design, and somewhat twisted story, EV is an excellent film for any collection. But you should still see them both...


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  1. I love how the British say "In Cinemas" instead of "In Theaters." Classy to the end.