27 August 2010

King Bed fit for a Queen

Another milestone reached by me at 25 was the purchase of a king-size bed for our master bedroom. YIPPEE!!! For MONTHS Hubby and I have suffered from chronic back & neck pain, lack of sleep, and the inability to utilize our previous queen bed due to a rickety frame-- it collapsed several times at random points. The mattress was caved in in the center, it made the worst, most annoying creaking sound every time I shifted, and there was an overall lack of space since we're both tall and I'm wider than the average person.

It has always been a dream of mine to have such a luxurious and large bed-- I am all about spreading my laptop, notebooks, and novels on top of my bed to do work and now I have ample room to do so. Plus we bought a Sterns & Foster mattress. It was so soft I didn't want to cover it with sheets! And yes, we got a deal. Stan the Salesmen took 20% off everything: all pieces of the frame, the mattress, box spring, and gave us the mattress pad for half off with free delivery and setup! They even disposed of the old mattress and box spring!!!

Thus, everything cost $200 less than the original price of the mattress set alone AND we have a year with no interest to pay that sucker off. Not to mention we found the bedding, which was our current bed set just in all neutral colors, on clearance AND I had Bed, Bath, and Beyond coupons for all of the pillows! With the guest queen mattress and Hubby's old box spring, our old frame works better than ever and doesn't creak anymore. It's amazing what difference a mattress makes. Both Hubby and I have eliminated our pain, get a peaceful night's sleep, and neither of us bother the other when we shift. I recommend this mattress to EVERYONE! Our bedroom has become a nightly haven-- what a blessing!

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