27 August 2010

One Luxurious Anniversary

According to my mother and her decades old trusty address book, the traditional 3rd Anniversary Gift is leather. Keep that in mind considering neither of us knew that when we chose each other's gifts.

For our marriage celebration this year, I decided to purchase Hubby a nice briefcase for his new job with my Macy's gift cards. On his end, he decided to spoil me with my first ever COACH PURSE! I couldn't believe it! How great is my man?

I picked out this beautiful Poppy Purse from Coach, with denim & metal detail alongside the original 1940's logo. Since it zippers and has plenty of pockets, it is both fashionable and functional. I love it! Even though I am not a saver and don't place too much sentimental value on material things, I won't ever be able to bring myself to throw my very first designer purse away.
Perhaps I'll have a daughter and give it to her.


  1. Cool! What app did you use to take the purse pic? I like the film edge.

  2. It's a free app called Retro Camera by Urbian, Inc. It makes photos look like old Polaroids!