13 April 2012

Baked Southwest Egg Rolls

One of my husband's favorite appetizers is Southwest Egg Rolls. When I came across the recipe on Pinterest, it spoke to my soul. I stuck to the recipe exactly, though I didn't make the avocado ranch since I greedily used all my avocados for my legendary guacamole. However, the major difference between these and Chili's is that there's no chicken. Doesn't matter though, since they were wonderful.

It was tough deciding how much to put on each wrapper, but since I had a bunch of filling leftover, I'd recommend buying 2 packages of wrappers OR being more generous with the mixture.

 Rolling instructions with PICTURES are on the back of the egg roll wrapper package. Thank God.

 They taste as good as they look...
(The white stuff was my attempt at making homemade ranch with Greek yogurt. Fail.)
Serve with salsa or take the time to make the Avocado Ranch sauce on the recipe.

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