17 October 2011

Halloween Treats

As I said before, I've never been into Halloween, but with the parties coming up and the atmosphere in LA (Halloween is big out here if you hadn't guess)... I'm getting excited.

This is what I would need were I to plan an amazing Halloween party.  First up? Accessories to get you into the All Hallow's Eve mood.
This AWESOME sketch Dooney & Bourke Disney tote.  No, it doesn't scream "HALLOWEEN!" but it does scream "I LOVE DISNEY AND PEOPLE IN COSTUME AS ENTERTAINMENT!"
Halloween isn't complete without SOMETHING that's "Nightmare Before Christmas," hence this awesome razor back dress-- perfect for party planning in LA.

Witch Tinkerbell.  Man I wish this was a costume...... or that I had skills enough to make this a costume.

And don't forget the kids...

Now that you've got your costume, it's time to decorate the place!  I like these...

...they happen to look awesome in the Ghost Gallery.  And you can't forget the pumpkins for the Pumpkin Patch!!!

Now for some FOOD:

And of course drinks...

For entertainment, you should definitely do a bit of light pumpkin carving. 

Psh!  Cake.
And watch movies!!!  Be sure to get a variety for every taste, i.e. wusses like me vs. people with brass ones.

Be sure to add some cool make up to your costume.  I was thinking this for mine:

Well... I guess that's everything I'd pick for planning a kick ass party.  Hope you got some good ideas!  And if you have any money left over in your Halloween budget for yourself, take a day off and get your nails done!

I love this OPI set. You can give yourself Pumpkin nails (orange nail with green tips) or do a black and white French manicure... Black Tips and White Nails would be my preference.

Ummmmm..... are these not AMAZING?!

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