11 October 2011

And the winner is...

The WITCH!!!!

"Say what?!" you ask?  Well.... I was going to pick the Grecian Goddess because I'm practically divine anyway BUT... their plus size doesn't quite reach MY size.  Sad Panda.  So this is the runner up.

Oh well, I hope this works out so that next year I can use the same dress and be a Renaissance Woman-- I even have shoes to match!  And since me wearing glitter seems to be the general consensus, I shall incorporate it anyway I can.... I may even buy a wig to get into the ghoulish spirit! Plus this costume will give me a chance to use my amazeballs Harry Potter wand my lil bro got me for my birfday.

If it doesn't fit... I'll just paint my face, get trashed, and no one will care!!!


  1. I was once a witch princess for halloween because I wanted to be a witch and a princess. Kid Kristin was brilliant.

  2. So is Adult Kristin "Kid Kristin" but with alcohol? I hope so :)