06 October 2011

Current Favorites

I know there's supposed to be a "Part 2" to the Cali blog buuuuuuuuuut... it's time to lighten things up.  I missed the September issue (for obvious reasons) and now have LOADS to share.

Fact: Zooey Decshanel rocks. This show is hysterical, no joke-- watch it.  And if you're like me and don't have TV (tragic!), you can watch the episodes online (hooray for internet).

The Americana in Glendale, CA.  One sexy outdoor mall made to look like a ritzy European (probably French) shopping district.  There's a movie theater, Sephora, Barnes & Noble, Kate Spade, and a fountain (anything with water and cobblestones wins me over every time).

Though you don't know this, I have GREAT hair.  I might be exaggerating (only a little) but I do have healthy and soft hair. Sexy Hair's tri-wheat leave in conditioner is what I've used since high school.  I stopped using it for a couple weeks-- just used crappy normal conditioner-- then got my haircut. It was the first time EVER a stylist told me my hair was dry. Never again!
(and your actual shower is shorter since you don't have to condition)

Plus you can look awesome doing this:

Moving on... this is Monkey Picked Oolong-- my FAVE loose tea ever. It helped me lose 17 pounds (until I gained it back exploring the restaurants in my new area... don't judge).  It aids in digestion, boosting the metabolism, and has fluoride for your skin and teeth.  It's $25 per 2 oz at Teavana BUT I found this website that has it for $15.30 per 2 oz.  I haven't had a chance to verify if it's the same tea but I'm pretty confident it is-- I'll get back to you on that.
Nails Inc. rocks, and not just because it's British but that's a huge part of it.  This particular shade I love for fall (and winter, let's be honest) is Piccadilly Circus.  Found at a Sephora near you.

Starbucks's newest fall treat: the Salted Caramel Mocha.  It's delicious hot, iced, blended... and the whipped topping is fabulous. To kick it up a notch, make it a WHITE MOCHA. My drink this season: Grande nonfat 2 pump white mocha 2 pump toffee nut Salted Caramel Mocha without whip (what? I'm watching my girlish figure).
For all you cat owners out there... Tiki Cat is the best stuff around!  My cats won't eat any other wet food (except Mack and Jack by Weruva) and frankly I don't want them to.  No preservatives, chunks of real tuna, crab, chicken, salmon-- YOU could eat this with your cat.  Major pet supply stores don't carry it, but I've found Tiki Cat at a few independent stores, as well as Kriser's, and it runs about 98 cents a can.  You can also get it on Amazon in 12 packs.

My husband is the true gamer in our household, but I'm a sucker for this PS3 exclusive: God of War. It's a hack and slash (you bet I'm hip to the gamer lingo, yo)-- which means I get to viciously kill everything without aiming and worrying about combos plus it's super violent.  Definitely a girl's game.  It follows Kratos, an angry Spartan royally fucked over by the gods and out for blood.  The dude's a bad ass.  The technical term is adventure game with some puzzles mixed in for good measure.  There are 5 games total: God of War 1 and 2 (remastered for the PS3), 3, and "Chains of Olympus" & "Ghost of Sparta"-- both for the PSP and now remastered to the PS3.  So. Much. Fun.

Lana Del Rey. 
Her music is my new obsession thanks to this gal.  Check it out on Grooveshark but make sure to YouTube the music video for "Video Games." It's all LA and reminds me of video footage from the 60's.

What are you in love with at the moment???


  1. I'm loving Project Runway.

    I love those knee length or longer pleated skirts

    I'm also loving a more prominent lip. Great lipsticks with nice colors, but nothing too harsh.

    Also way into reading! Just read a really cute gentle read called "Heavens to Betsy". If you're into the Mitford series, I think you may like Betsy.

    O and I'm in to reading your blog! So happy to be reading new posts

  2. We just got Hulu Plus so I think I can catch up on PR! Do you have any lipstick you recommend? Lip liner?

    I'll see if I can check out "Heavens to Betsy" when I venture over to our library.

    And thank you :)