20 January 2011

Top 10 Things to Look Forward to in Marriage

Although there is something to be said about the single life and certain opportunities it affords, I've felt the current relationship climate is anti-marriage; that these forever and beyond commitments are doomed to failure.  As a married woman who enjoys this level of our relationship, I'd like to point out a few aspects of marriage that outweigh doubts should you choose to take the plunge.

**Please note this list applies only to couples deeply in love with one another, trust each other completely, and who will work their asses off for their marriage.

10.  Spending each and every day sharing your life with your best friend. It's pretty rad.

9.  Having that extra space in your bed occupied by the love of your life.

8.  Arguments.  Believe it or not these are the moments where your marriage can strengthen and you reach new phases of emotional intimacy.  I should clarify, the process is as such: argument, discussion, compromise, resolution, and makeup time... *wink*

7.  There is someone to come home to.

6.  Finally telling someone all your secrets, knowing it will bring you closer since you trust him/her fully enough not to judge you.  Unless of course, you killed someone-- that's not great.

5.  Being given the chance to serve on a daily basis.  These opportunities, obviously, will increase when I have children.  Hopefully I'll maintain this attitude...

4.  Someone to eat your various culinary experiments and tell you it's okay, you'll get it next time.

3.  Regular sex for the rest of your life.

2.  Even though I've gained 150lbs., have no idea what to do with my career, and there are days I refuse to wear make-up and do my hair, he still proclaims I am the most beautiful woman in the world-- and means it.

1.  The number one best part of marriage is knowing that neither of you complete the other.  You and your spouse are not two halves forming a whole but two wholes forming a brand new unit.  This new unit depends on a balance of mutual love, trust, attraction, and happiness.

In my limited experience, this is what I've learned so far on my journey as a wife.  Of course, as we "grow up" our marriage will grow, things will change, children will come along, and this top 10 will need to be revised.  But for now, marriage is wonderful and I highly recommend it.


  1. I love your number one reason. That's really lovely. I don't like the "two halves of a whole" metaphor. It makes it seem like all of we singles are incomplete. Plus it enforces the idea of a "soul mate", which also seems phony.

  2. I agree. Soul Mate sounds so exact-- as if you can only love one person in your life which I don't believe is true. Love comes in so many forms and is such a gray area that there are no exacts. I'm of a more "kindred spirit" kind of mind set: you can meet many people that are kindred spirits, most of whom aren't even the romantic type.