14 January 2011

Hello and Welcome to Two More Fellow Bloggers

I would like to extend a hearty greeting to my newest Friends: Laura E and Lucid Dreamer, authors of Boris the Bird and Two Shots of Euphoria, respectively.  I believe both are entering the blog-o-sphere for the new year, they are excellent people and writers, and I encourage you to take a gander at their contributions to cyberspace.

On that same note to LE and LD, feel free to click on the blogs represented under "Fellow Writers."  There's some great stuff there and I love how everyone writes from the heart.  Oh, and some people use pictures, too!

P.S. I would also like to apologize for the slow load time of my blog due to all of the videos I posted for my music entry.  It may be removed in a couple days if it continues to annoy me.  :)

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