04 January 2011

New Years... Determined Solutions?

The definition of "resolution," though there are several, suggests either determination or a solution to a particular situation.  I guess this makes sense in terms of New Years Resolutions: determining an answer to having a better year than the one before.  However, more than not these solutions are gradually abandoned once we fall back into routine.  So much for regular trips to the gym, cutting out junk food, and staying away from caffeine.  Our lives are chaotic-- our schedules too busy, our energy too scarce, our bank accounts too slim.  Once the holidays roll around again, we feel defeated, having failed to complete even one resolution, and the cycle begins again.

I propose to change my New Years Resolutions from unrealistic "resolutions" I'm dreading to carry out to practical goals that build from one to another, snowballing into a list of achievements leading into a new phase of life and myself.  Instead of seeing the 150 pounds I couldn't possibly lose in one year, I am attempting to throw away 20 pounds before my brother's wedding in April.  Then I will go from there.  Perhaps another 20 for my birthday in July; perhaps just 10.  Rather than swear never to take another sip of Starbucks, I will try for less frequent visits, ordering smaller sizes, and making better choices (fat free/ sugar free/ tea... haha, that rhymed).  Thus, every few months I create quarterly "resolutions" that keep up with my life, schedule, and the reality of my situation.  And so, here's a few I'm working on:

1.  Lose 20 pounds by April.

2.  Stick to the "Biggest Loser" program to the conclusion on 4/9/11.  And don't worry about the prizes; the real prize is a healthier, happier me.

3.  Drink less Starbucks (not everyday) and stick to the "Skinny" options.

4.  Write more blogs. A couple a week should do.

5.  Write a short story by the summer.

6.  Begin serious work on a script.  Have a step outline by spring break.

7.  Try new experiences.

8.  Find a decent paying, enjoyable, part-time job that I can stick with for at least the next couple years.

9.  Cook at least 4 dinners a week (unless there are plenty of leftovers), make fresh lunches, and take my vitamins everyday.

10.  Be a better friend in whatever way is required.

11.  Once a regular school/work schedule is determined, find a way to volunteer.


  1. You can volunteer at the public library! They usually have volunteer programs and take new ppl.

    I like your gradual resolutions. I think that's a brilliant idea. It is overwhelming to say you're going to lose a bunch of weight in a year. It seems like such a long time and you're motivated at first then forget your goals. I'm gonna make a resolution to do yoga and pilates 2-3 times a week at least up to Brian and Marian's wedding as well. That's a good goal!

  2. I agree! You'll do great and be looking trim and relaxed at the same time! Good luck.