09 April 2013

Weekend Away: Photo Blog

This post is so so SO late. 

It's from November.

But I haven't posted since Saturday and I'm too mentally, emotionally, and spiritually exhausted to write something insightful and original. We almost euthanized Niko today because he's sick with a mysterious illness that has stumped the doctors, can't afford anymore tests and procedures since we've had four months straight of major vet bills, but Niko did finally eat after 6 days of no food, 3 with no water. I also get the lovely job of injecting fluids into his back for the next ten days-- can I add "cat nurse" to my resume?!

So here we are with photos from our weekend "getaway" at the LAX Westin for the TAXI convention.  We could've commuted from the East side, but weekend traffic is stupid in LA and this, along with our Disneyland trips, is the closest we've gotten to a real vacation in six years. 

The Westin was a luxurious hotel with cable (a treat since we don't have channels) and a great restaurant called The Daily Grille. It has a Midwestern steakhouse-with-cloth-napkins vibe to it (if you're from the Midwest you'll know what I mean.... maybe), not to mention excellent food.

The palm trees made it feel a bit like a real vacation!!!

A taxi for the TAXI convention... get it?

Hotel lobbies are magical.

Gorgeous husband and a nice room!

The view.

Best spinach artichoke dip on the planet. Homemade strawberry lemonade.

The best quesadillas. Now I'm hungry.

We had two nights of live music from TAXI singer/songwriters.

A fabulous weekend.


  1. the food and the hotel look good.

    I hope Niko gets better.

    LA By Diana Live Magazine

    1. Thanks, Diana! If you get a chance to visit the area, definitely stop by the restaurant. They had great cappuccinos too, and brown sugar cubes to sweeten them.

      It's literally an effing miracle: Niko has done a complete 180 and is out, playing, and eating. I have no words.