04 April 2013


It's amazing how much of an impact scent has in our day to day lives, as well as affecting our choices. If food smells not quite right you avoid the dish altogether. Perfumes and colognes trigger memories. In my case, every time I smell Old Spice after shave it reminds me of my dad, TV dinners, babysitters, and Saturday nights as a kid. Every time I smell the Mr. Sketch green apple scented marker I think of my Oma's apartment and the old black and white photo of my Great Grandfather she had on her dresser.

So while today's post focuses on reviewing products with exceptional scents (or "ex-scentional" if you will), I encourage you to think, sniff, and reminisce about the smells in your life.

Lush: Easter Egg Hunt Soap

The scent from this hunk of fruity goodness is so strong that it basically doubles as an air freshener-- fine by me! My whole bathroom (okay so it's not very big) smells like a frickin' fruit salad: sweet and citrusy. Even though Easter Egg Hunt's description notes tones of raspberry, orange, lemon, and violet... I smell pineapple. The psychotherapist in me (I'm not one, I just pretend) says I'm projecting my desire to travel somewhere tropical.
Despite the strong aroma, Easter Egg Hunt is not overpowering on the skin and has a semi-creamy consistency that helps moisturize the skin. Let me be clear, there are more moisturizing soaps from Lush's product selection, but Easter Egg Hunt is fun and perfect for spring.

And just for a treat, here's what it looks like as an entire round:

Photo courtesy of Lush.com

Sultana Soap and Grass Shower Gel

While Lush's limited edition Snowcake Holiday Soap is my favorite to keep my skin soft, Sultana is the creamiest year round bar available. It's a bit fruity and floral, and oh so moisturizing. Have you tried Lush bar soaps? They're incredible.

Grass is aroma therapy in a bottle. It smells like freshly cut grass-- for realz-- and thanks to Neroli, is a mood lifter. Michael bought it for his dry skin since wheatgrass is nourishing, but after using it once in the shower he told me it really lifted his spirits. Then I read the bottle and realized-- BOOM!-- Grass makes you look and feel better.

Versace Signature Cologne & Eau Fraiche for Men

Who doesn't love a man who smells... like a MAN?! Except when you can smell that man a mile away because he marinated himself in Axe Body Spray. 
On a recent excursion to Sephora, we went scent hunting and Michael decided on two by Versace that we both loved. Did you know Sephora will give you perfume samples?! 
Versace Signature Cologne is a musky scent great for every day and driving the ladies (or men) crazy by just walking by. Versace Eau Fraiche has a darker scent for evening and getting a little sumthin' sumthin'

Acqua for Life by Giorgio Armani 

I fell in love with Acqua di Gioia two years ago when I did a scent profile at our Wisconsin Sephora. It's fresh, clean and-- even though it contains jasmine-- isn't overly floral. There's something so grown-up about perfume verses body spray, plus I love the longevity of it. It's nice having another option besides my favorite Elizabeth Arden Green Tea.

What perfume do you accent your looks with?  Is there a cologne your man wears that drives you the good kind of crazy??


  1. I am a huge fan if Lush products! And love your perfume choices ;)

    LA By Diana Live Magazine

    1. I'm Lush obsessed! Love their lipstick, but my favorites are the hand soaps and hair products.

      And thanks! I'm picky with perfume. I forgot to mention the other scent I loved: Gucci Guilty.

  2. I love Burberry Brit and Channel Chance for myself. My brother always wore Hugo Boss, so that is a scent I grew up liking. I need to redo my scent profile. Thanks for the inspiration!