01 April 2013

Shabby Apple Spoils

A couple weeks ago, my awesome friend Lori from both "real life" AND the Blog-o-sphere was hosting a $50 Shabby Apple Gift Card Giveaway over at her blog, A Little Slice of Special. Just so you know, she did not ask me to plug her blog, but you guys should seriously check it out: amazing makeup looks, awesome style and fashion finds, and healthy life motivation. Worth a read, people!

Because my readers are smart, you've already figured out that I won the prize-- THANKS LORI!!!!!-- and, like the self-obsessed blogging individual that I am, wanted to brag about share with you my spoils.

Shabby Apple has gorgeous vintage-y clothing, shoes, and accessories. Being the Plus-size lady that I am, clothes weren't an option. Not one to let my size get in the way of Style, I found a beautiful pair of earrings and gorgeous scarf.

I did go a bit over budget (I blame shipping) but the pieces were totally worth it.

This photo doesn't do the earrings justice. This one does.

My favorite-ist scarf ever. It looks more for decoration but trust me, it's warm.

I've been watching America's Next Top Model lately and learned all about squinting slightly to make your eyes look smaller and less frightening.

As you can see, fashion photos, poses, and expressions aren't my strong suit (and I need an effing haircut!), but I simply love the coloring of the items. And yes, I purchased this mint lace dolman top from Torrid, though I'm still in need of the perfect way to style it. Love the color!

Earrings: Sterling Silver Green Earrings

Thoughts on the pieces? My makeup? I used a Bare Escentials powder instead of foundation since it was warm. 

Happy April and I hope you all had a wonderful Easter!


  1. Yayayayay lady friend!!! Now I'm officially obsessed with shabby apples clothes and accessories!!! I think you chose brilliantly and for real that's the most Gorg scarf I've ever seen! you look radient and you're getting so freaking good at makeup its sick. love the crap out of you friend! Xo Lori

    1. Oh my, what a pile of lovely compliments!! Thanks so much! I literally could not stop thinking about that scarf and knew it had to be mine. I'm learning more about highlighting-- that's my biggest concern right now so I stop looking so sleepy all the time.

  2. Their accessories are lovely. You look amazing on the last photo. Love the make up, the scarf and the beautiful color of the top you are wearing.

    1. Thank you, lady!!! I would've never thought about Mint as a good color for paleness but I was so wrong.

  3. Oh how fun to win a giveaway!


    1. It was! I've won two online: this one and a book one for Jane Austen Fan Fiction. I hope everyone gets a chance to win!