09 December 2012

Netflix Christmas Movies: What to Watch

I don't have cable. In fact, I don't have television channels at all and while most of the year it's bearable fine, missing Christmas movies (Lifetime and Hallmark anyone?!), specials, and episodes of favorite shows bums me out. However, I do have Netflix.

The Netflix selection of holiday movies isn't great, but there are a few gems and a few more enjoyable ones that'll get you in the spirit. As I'm always on the hunt for great Christmas movies, I've watched my fair share and have categorized them for you. Obviously watch whatever you want, but hopefully this can be a guide to narrow down choices if you don't have as much time as do (and you probably don't).

Must Watch

Christmas classics or specials that imbue the holiday spirit with excellent actors, stories, and give you the warm and fuzzies.

Santa Clause: The Movie
White Christmas
Dreamworks Holiday Classics


I liked these films. They're not spectacular-- just cute-- and make you smile by the time the movies finish.

12 Dates of Christmas
Holiday in Handcuffs
Christmas Cupid
All I Want for Christmas
Snow Globe

One Magic Christmas-- I should warn you that this movie is 1980's Disney which means.... it's going to scar your kids a little for life. I assure you that it ends well and is all about the believing in Santa Clause,   but it gets dark about 45 minutes before the end. If you want specifics, message me.

Shadow Island: The Last Christmas-- This is a mystery with a rather f'ed up family, but I was hooked for some strange reason and still think it's worth a watch for people who like mysteries.

Fast Forward to get Highlights

Movies with a decent message, so-so acting, but plenty of cheese and predictability. You'll know exactly where the film is going five minutes in, so don't waste time watching every moment: fast forward (yes I do that a lot).

Christmas Angel
Crazy for Christmas
Santa Baby 2
Desperately Seeking Santa

Don't Bother

These films have Z-list actors (who are there for a reason), low low budget EVERYTHING, and terribly predictable plots. I like a good-bad film like anyone else, but these are just painful.

All She Wants for Christmas (I'm currently watching this while writing the post and I'm DYING to fast forward!!!)
Christmas Town
Holiday Engagement

For the Kiddos

Arthur's Perfect Christmas
Jack Frost
Angelina Ballerina: The Show Must Go On
Kipper: Let It Snow
*there are numerous Thomas the Tank Engine Specials
Kung Fu Panda Holiday

I hope the Netflix selection of holiday films grows in the next couple weeks since-- at the moment-- it's kind of slim pickings.  Have you seen any of these?


  1. You are missing Love Actually. One of the best holiday movies ever made.

    1. Sorry for the confusion-- these are holiday movies that are available to watch on Netflix Instant only. They're certainly not my favorite Christmas movies.

  2. I can't wait to start watching some Christmas movies! And I loveeee your Up ornament in the post below this - your Christmas spirit is awesome

    <3 katherine
    of corgis and cocktails