28 December 2012

Nicholas Christmas 2012 Photo Saga (and a Makeup Post)

Hello again, Blogosphere! How was everyone's holiday?? Did Santa bring you everything your heart desired or were you NAUGHTY ;o) this year?

Because I was a total slacker about updating during Christmastime, I have a TON of photos waiting for your perusal.  So here's the pre-Christmas line up. Tomorrow-- FOR SURE-- will be Christmas Eve!

We celebrated early with the arrival of festive packages from my parents in the Midwest. As Mom and Dad are good to their favorite daughter and son-in-law (did I mention I have two brothers and no sisters?), we were spoiled with treats. Check out Cooper scoping for the cat toys.
Remember when I mentioned how I wanted Scrooge's house for our Dickens Village? They got it for us (and without having seen my blog)!! The ghosts dance around Scrooge on the second floor of the house!

More packages arrived from my aunt-- my family rocks, btw-- and I savored every bite of the fruitcake my mom sent from the family Bakery. What do you mean you think fruitcake is gross?! I realize fruitcake is the butt of many Christmas jokes, but have you ever tried it? More importantly, have you ever tried GOOD fruitcake soaked in rum? It's a cake filled with sugary "fruit," nuts, and flavor.

Niko got us himself, the pleasure of feeding him, and cleaning up his poop for Christmas.

Another of my awesome aunts sent us two Lou Malnati's pizzas! What you're looking at in the photo is the dry ice Michael and I played with after opening the package.

While we gave up Starbucks months ago, we've been back enjoying holiday drinks (Michael is partial to the Eggnog Latte while I can't get enough Caramel Brûlée). The manager at our regular place gave us these two reindeer hand-carved by his father-in-law. Such a sweet gift!

My awesome older bro and his lovely wife got me these Paleo cookbooks so I can start my new lifestyle in the New Year. 

Our baby celebrated his fourth birthday on December 23rd. 

Finally, my incredible in-laws sent us a wonderful package of gift cards, chocolate, and makeup (for me, obvi). I received MAC blush (a container with a brush and peachy pink balls) and MAC eye liner gel (my new obsession). I decided to try this look from Pinterest using the Urban Decay Naked palette. However, the photo uses the Naked 1 and I have Naked 2 so... I improvised with similar shades.



Thoughts? I love how easy it is to create lines with the brush and gel. Seriously, OBSESSED.

Get ready for Christmas Eve tomorrow...