26 November 2012

I love your face: A Lush Review

In this installment of "Products I've Tried At Lush Because I'm Obsessed" we'll be looking at the products shown below:

Are you excited? No?! WELL COULD YOU GET EXCITED PLEASE?!?!?!


First up we have Jackie Oates-- a color (or "colour" if you're fancy) supplement-- Feeling Younger-- a skin tint that's basically a brightener-- and Eyes Right, the legendary mascara that's part of their new Emotional Brilliance makeup line. The only reason I even tried the first two was because I whined mentioned how I hope Lush creates a foundation & cover-up because I don't like heavy makeup. 


The oh-so-sweet sales gal convinced me I could use Jackie Oates to even out my skin tone, and Feeling Younger to brighten the dark circles under my eyes plus I could combine the two to create a lovely glow on my skin. They solved my "heavy makeup" problem because I pretty much look like I'm not wearing any! Talk about sheer coverage. I'll stick with my Smashbox foundation but I still need a cover-up that will handle more than just my dark circles. Any recommendations?

Whoever came up with the Eyes Right Mascara iodine bottle design must not wear mascara because the wand is simply ludicrous. DO YOU SEE HOW SHORT IT IS?!?! Maybe it's terrible eye/hand coordination or maybe it's the stubby top; either way: I get mascara all over my face! I had to shell out another $5 on top of the $18 price tag for a separate wand. While Lush employees will tell you the  price is "a great deal because the bottle contains twice the amount of normal mascaras," they neglect to mention that the coverage is so light you'll actually need to use double the coats... so it's basically the SAME THING.

In the two photos of me above, I'm wearing Jackie Oates, Feeling Younger, and 3 coats of Eyes Right.  

Here I am with my normal foundation and regular mascaras (yes, I wear two different ones):

Overall, I'm not a fan of all three items as I don't feel they work as well as normal makeup. Jackie Oates & Feeling Younger are great to toss on before I run errands, but for a night out or a whole day being at work, stick with a higher quality foundation from a trusted, cruelty-free cosmetic brand. Besides the reasons I mentioned above, Eyes Right comes off easily, so if you really want to try it, I'd suggest picking up lash primer. However, if you prefer a light layer, this is the mascara for you.

Next up we have a couple seasonal products:

The Jack-O-Lantern Soap at Lush is a seasonal item only available thru Halloween, usually sells out within a couple weeks of its October release, and is absolutely wonderful. It smells like a pumpkin spice latte and is moisturizing. Personally, if Lush just made these fellas into plain pumpkins, they could sell them thru Thanksgiving (GENIUS over here!! You can pay me a bonus, Lush, if you go with that idea). Put this soap on your radar for next year!

Twilight Shower Gel, on the other hand, is available through Christmas and is based on their lavender Twilight bath bomb. I know, when you (or me) read "lavender" you (me again) think "suffocating flowery scent!" but I promise the aroma is sweet and relaxing. As you can see, after I tried a little bottle, I upgraded to a giant one because I love it.

For the hair and face:

Ultrabland (the pot on the left) is a facial cleanser that doubles as a makeup remover. Seriously, if you have trouble removing that last bit of eyeliner or you wake up every morning with mascara under your eyes, you've got to try this stuff. The Lush Lady also recommended Ultrabland as a blackhead remover. Michael and I tried the method once-- use Ultrabland on blackheads, massage for a few minutes, then spray on the Eau Roma Water (toner) and wipe with a damp cloth, do this 3 times a week-- and the next day we saw an improvement. I need to get back to that.........
It's a bit greasy so make sure to wash thoroughly. I also use my regular cleanser after removing my makeup because I'm weird.

ANYWAY, I'm skipping over the Dirty for a sec to talk about the bar on the right: Fresh Farmacy. It's a facial cleansing bar that's light, smells great, easy on sensitive skin, and works well for an even, clear face. That chunk you see is a mutha f'in SAMPLE too! (Our Lush loves us) I still break out once a month no matter what I use on my face (...if you catch my meaning) but the bar even subdues pimples when they just won't be stopped.

And finally, Dirty hair styling cream, my go-to now that I'm rocking a pixie cut. The smell is addicting (is it weird that I smell it for fun?) and the hold and lift are great for using a very small amount.  See for yourself:

Overall Ratings

Dirty: 5 out of 5 hair tosses 
Eyes Right: 2 out of 5 winks
Feeling Younger: 3 out of 5 beauty marks
Fresh Farmacy: 5 out of 5 beauty marks
Jackie Oates: 3 out of 5 beauty marks
Pumpkin Soap: 4 out of 5 bubbles
Twilight Shower Gel: 5 out of 5 bubbles

**Please note that I am not affiliated with Lush, do not/have not worked for the company, and while I try almost everything as a sample first, I buy my own products.  I just love Lush that much.**


  1. Replies
    1. YAY! I'm stoked to spend some Christmas money on their new hair product line. Can't wait to try samples!!!

  2. I have so far not been a huge fan of the lush makeup, I feel like the price vs result isn't enough to get me to switch over from Urban Decay or Elf for my basics...although, I might still consider getting one of their color tubes for lipstick...

    I do want to try your blackhead removal method...that might be an after xmas gifty to myself!

    1. You could always get a sample and try it for a couple weeks first-- I'd hate for you to spend money and not have it work.

      And yes, the Lush Makeup has been disappointing. I'm going to write another blog about their hand soaps and the So White bath bomb.

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