13 November 2012

Monster Trail Mix

Recognize the label? If you shop at Target you just might since Archer Farms is one of their grocery owned brands. Archer Farms is a "pretend farm." It makes the superstore corporation feel homey... or whatever.

Anyway, Target Archer Farms sells all kinds of food from different vendors. You may or may not like certain items, but I had a craving for trail mix and picked up this large jar full chocolatey peanut butter nutty goodness.

Looks good, right?

It's homemade.  Wait... what?!?! 

That's right. Yes, I had a craving for Monster Trail Mix and yes, I bought a jar from Target. But then I thought to myself: why don't I just make my own? A jar costs around $8 + tax. 

If you buy the ingredients at a grocery store that doesn't overcharge you will end up paying $12-$14 for double the amount. And if you use generic EVERYTHING you'll save even more money. Hit the sales and you'll end up getting almost quadruple.... you get the point.

Sadly, while I love the fancy meat & cheese, and produce at my grocer, they overcharge for groceries, so I ended up spending about the same as I would've for 2 jars. However, I got Reese's Chips-- which are WAY better than the ones in the Archer Farms mix.

I highly suggest you make this snack at home.


1 jar dry peanuts
1 bag plain M&M's
1 bag Reese's peanut butter chips
1 bag milk chocolate chips
1 box raisins

Mix together and enjoy.


  1. Such a good idea! I love their trail mixes, but I should just make my own and then I can put in whatever I want! O now I'm inspired.

    Thanks Jamie!

    1. It's really good & fun & easy-- 3 things I look for when cooking. I think one with almonds and/or macadamia nuts, dried cranberries, white chocolate, dark chocolate, and other things along that line would be delish. Ooooo or candied walnuts/pecans.... having way too much fun over here....

  2. your homemade suggestions are so easy yet genius! ))

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