07 August 2012

Lush: Emotional Brilliance

Ever since my introduction to Lush, I've become a complete Lushie and geeked out even more when they released their two-years-in-the-making Emotional Brilliance makeup line the day before my birthday. I mean... could the timing be any better?! (The answer is no.)

Now, I must admit... I've committed a Beauty Blog sin: I didn't take any pictures of the store! I'm still working on my "can I take photos of your merchandise I promise I'm not casing the joint" line, but for this I'm afraid I only have photos of the makeup I bought and me wearing it. You'll just have to make your way over to a store near you.

Anyway, after doing a color reading-- which was completely fun, if not a little strange-- I got spoiled by the amazing salesgirl showing me EVERYTHING and having me try on makeup. Is there anything better? (The answer is still no.)

In store, I sampled their translucent powder (shimmery), bronzer (stayed on nicely), multiple shadows, lipsticks, and mascara.  I almost bought the $19 mascara-- the bottle is short but contains double the amount of regular mascara bottles-- but I had already picked up the travel size "They're Real" mascara by Benefit. In the end I walked away with these:

From left to right: "Happiness" cream eyeshadow, "Fantasy" liquid eyeliner, and "Perspective" lipstick.

Let's go over the gold eyeliner, aka "Fantasy." 

First of all, this was my second time EVER applying liquid eyeliner-- so no making fun of my lines. Okay... you can make fun of me but do it behind my back like civilized people.

As far as "Fantasy" goes, the wand is really fine and stiff so the line remains fairly thin, though I did find that I needed to add more to get the depth of color I wanted. It lasted quite awhile and, in my opinion, is a strong gold.

Usually I'm a chicken boring when it comes to makeup, but I like the gold with the black liner: it's fancy. It compliments blue-gray eyes and stands out on pale skin. Plus my eyes look sexy-- is this the part where my inner goddess does cartwheels?! 

Next up: "Happiness" eyeshadow and "Perspective" lipstick.

"Happiness" is bronze/brown/orange in person, yet it definitely comes out more orange than anything else. The wand is the same kind as the spongy ones found in long, thin tubes of lip gloss (I don't know technical terms, okay?!). 

Here's the thing about the eyeshadow: if you use the wand, it goes on thick and the color is strong. If you use your finger to smear, it removes most of the color and all that's left is shimmer. So you must use the wand which hinders blending. However, the color lasts all day and doesn't clump up in the creases too much.

Now the lipstick, "Perspective," is the BEST. I'm obsessed. I hate lipstick in general because it dries out my lips and never lasts. Not so with this stuff. It's moisturizing-- seriously, they aren't kidding when they say it moisturizes-- without being glossy, yet the color still shimmers. Speaking of the color: AMAZING. It's a soft, rosy pink that goes with every skin tone and would make the perfect accent for natural makeup. If you can't tell, I love it and will cry if Perspective ever gets discontinued. Like... I might protest.

The Emotional Brilliance line is full of deep, BRILLIANT (see what did there?), long lasting colors worth sampling. It even holds up when you make faces. For example:

If nothing else, Get. A. Lipstick.  I'm excited to try their mascara and compare it to Benefit, pick up a black liquid liner, but overall I won't be purchasing any shadows. Down the road, I hope Lush releases liquid foundations, blushes, and more nude eyeshadows. I try to keep my makeup subtle so this line isn't to my particular style. If you are all about colors and experimenting with makeup,  Emotional Brilliance is for you.


Happiness Eyeshadow: 3 out of 5 eyelashes
Fantasy Eyeliner: 4 out of 5 eyelashes
Perspective Lipstick: 5 out of 5 kisses

Emotional Brilliance Line: 3.5 out of 5 smiles

Have you tried the Lush makeup yet? Thoughts? How did you like the gold liner? Do you also make faces in mirrors?!


  1. i have to admit i usually glance over lush posts because if i dive too deep i get all sad because i know i can't buy any products (they use a lot of nuts and my husband is allergic so i really can't wear it). these are beautiful though! the colors are lovely.

    <3 katherine
    of corgis and cocktails

    1. Aw, that makes me sad :( Nut allergies are serious business. Thanks for reading anyway!

  2. I adore that lipstick. I've gotten into lipsticks and glosses, but they always wear off after 15 minutes and the long lasting ones crack and look weird after a while or if you accidentally apply them to an area, it's near impossible to get them off! I could use a good mascara and something on my eyelids to keep my makeup in place. Suggestions??

    1. Ho ho!!! Tune in tomorrow for my review of Benefit's mascara-- no seriously, I love that stuff and I'll tell you why.
      When picking mascara it depends on what you're looking for: volume? length? both??? And if you like waterproof mascara but hate how crusty it gets so quickly, use a lash primer first.

      To keep eye makeup in place, I suggest an eye primer. Urban Decay has a good one, otherwise I really like the brands Benefit and Smashbox-- and none of them test on animals!!!

    2. Ohhh! Thanks so much! This is so helpful!

  3. love the gold eyeliner! they look good on you :) now that i've seen this post of yours, i'm going to look out for a gold eyeliner and hope it works for me :)

    1. Thank you! I found it helpful to put on top of black, but I'm determined to try it with brown AND by itself. I just need an occasion to wear it since gold isn't exactly an everyday look ;) Good luck!!!

    2. Hi dear :) you have such an amazing post hun! what do you think of following each other? Let me know
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