25 August 2012

Five Years

Stress and a few distractions have kept me from writing and while I won't discuss any discouraging details, I will say that I'm having a heck of a time finding a day job at an office even with experience. Such is life these days.

August 12th, Michael and I celebrated our 5th wedding anniversary. To commemorate this momentous occasion on my blog, I thought I'd post some wedding photos and tell you the story of how we met. If you know this story already, just enjoy the pictures :)

I met Michael at Bible study in college. We knew each other for a year but didn't really hang out until the end of my sophomore year as I thought he was boring (the only time I've EVER been wrong in the whole of my life).
After summer break, Michael found various excuses to hang out with me while I remained utterly clueless that he was remotely interested in more than a friendship... even after he literally told me I was pretty. Yes, he still makes fun of me for that but what can I say-- I'm blond!

Thus, at the end of October 2006, he tricked me into going on a date and had to bluntly explain that he liked me, wanted to date me, and wanted to be exclusive. Thank God as I'm not one for innuendos and subtly-- obviously. Did I mention he was my first boyfriend???

Left: Michael and me at my extended family's Christmas. Right: Posing at our "surprise" bridal shower.

Seven months later we became engaged. As I was driving up to visit Michael in Wisconsin, a car several yards ahead on the highway illegally u-turned and I slammed right into the back part of the driver's side, totaling my parents' Honda Civic. When I called Michael telling-- okay, hyperventilating and crying-- him I was 45 minutes away in an accident, he got to me in fifteen minutes, hugged me while I cried (coming down from the adrenaline), bought me Gloria Jeans and we looked at engagement rings. A few days later he proposed. I said yes, by the way.

Making "Vogue" faces at our rehearsal dinner.

I woke up at 6am on our wedding day. Michael and I stayed at my mom's TOGETHER-- I'm not superstitious or traditional-- had a wonderful breakfast then went our separate ways, he to the church and I dressed at the house.

Our wedding parties, pre-wedding.

You won't find me crying in my wedding photos, I was far too happy and smiley to shed a tear. I wanted the wedding to be a day of fun and celebration and it far exceeded the expectations.

The first photo of Mr. and Mrs. Michael Nicholas.

We almost got our marriage annulled thanks to my brother.

Left: Our cake from the family bakery with flowers from a friend's florist. Right: getting ready to shove cake in each other's faces-- a tradition I support wholeheartedly!

What was in the cake, you ask? Well, it was champagne colored/ pearlized buttercream with layers of devil's food, white, and graham cracker cake separated by white chocolate mousse. To. Die. For.

These two photos are among my favorites as I remember the exact parts of each speech to elicit the expressions on our faces. On the left, my Maid of Honor and cousin, Jenn, recalls the moment she first met Michael and he was so impressive she literally fell out of her chair... which she did. 
On the right, Michael's sister refers to their mother as the Queen of Reproduction in front of 220 people.

I don't dance because A. I can't and B. I make ridiculous faces.

Michael and his mom putting my sad skills to shame.

Have you ever seen so many guys DYING to catch a piece of clothing that means they'd get married next?!

From our honeymoon in Door County: the worst kissing picture EVER.

Here's to five more years!


  1. happy 5th wedding anniversary! your wedding photos made me smile. cheers to more happy years together!

    1. Thanks so much! I'm glad they made you smile :)

  2. congrats! that's so awesome. i love seeing wedding photos!

    <3 katherine
    of corgis and cocktails

  3. this is such a romantic story! congrats! cheers to many years!!! your wedding was perfect!

    LA By Diana Live Magazine

    1. Thanks Diana-- it really was perfect!