14 July 2012

Temple Run

Want an iPhone game that's fun, simple, and easy to play on the go? Look no further than Temple Run. This game by Imangi Studios is exactly what the title suggests: players run through a temple until they die. "Guy Dangerous"-- the first of seven unlock-able characters-- steals the golden idol and evil demon monkeys appear to rip him to shreds, thus he must run. Unfortunately for Guy, there are quite a few hiccups on the temple path, from overgrown tree roots, flames, broken sections, and drop-offs.

Players must swipe the screen to turn their character, jump, or slide, as well as balance the phone so he doesn't fall off into crocodile infested waters. While running, coins appear on the path that earn upgrades and purchasable bonuses. These can also be purchased with real money by the impatient players. Plus, the more distance covered the faster and more challenging the path becomes, as well as increasing the value of the coins.

It's an excellent game to pop open while waiting for the next meeting to start or killing time on a lunch break. And if you're a seasoned Temple Run player looking for another challenge, try Disney Pixar's Temple Run: Brave

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