14 July 2012

My Town 2

My Town 2 is a Real-World application game made by developer Booyah-- and it's incredibly addictive. Available on iPhone/iPad, this free app allows players to create their ideal towns by purchasing businesses, community properties, housing, and decorations, as well as adding wonders that help boost population and income.  Two types of currency-- coins and bucks-- make up the purchasing system. Coins are earned through businesses doing "jobs" over an allotted time and houses paying rent.  Like most free games of this nature, My Town has its rare currency in bucks, and of course all of the fun stuff and better paying businesses cost bucks rather than coins. They're hard to come by unless  won through the daily "Spin to Win" slot machine, players watch a certain amount of thirty second ads, or are purchased in bundle packs with real money. Coins and a couple Wonders are also purchasable with money.

Growing population helps unlock housing and community purchases so players definitely have goals, though experience points are fairly useless after reaching level 10. Still, Booyah keeps players coming back with changing themes-- superheroes come out Monday, July 16th and they just finished up Steampunk-- and updates that always add another element to gameplay, such as an inventory stash, more land, and the ability to upgrade community buildings, not just businesses.

Finally, the social element is limited but slowly improving. While "mayors" are unable to personally contact one another, players can add anyone's town to their Friends List, as well as send other mayors gifts (though you're limited to five per day). I particularly love searching for towns with better businesses so I can sell my old ones and purchase new ones that make more money. There are always reasons to keep playing.  

**One final note: if you have both an iPhone and iPad, My Town 2 can only be played on one of those, not both. Otherwise your game will crash. 

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