10 January 2012

Oatmeal-Flax Chocolate Chip Cookies

One main difference between my cookies and the actual ones from this Food Network Magazine recipe is that I didn't have ground flax seed thanks to my failpants grocery store. If I hadn't gone shopping at 10pm I would've hunted down the nearest Whole Foods... ah well, next time.

To make up for the 1/4 cup of ground flaxseed, I tossed in a 1/4 cup of flour instead because my "Test Cookie" came back runny.  The batter was still a bit moist when I baked the whole batch, but for the most part the cookies were all right.

Because they were so thin though, they're crispy rather than soft. Boo.  Also, I'm sad I couldn't get the health benefits from the flax seed this time, but I will make these again once I acquire flax seed.

Overall, for a chocolate fix, these are decent cookies, not to mention they have a flavorful cinnamon base for any type of oatmeal cookie.  The biggest problem I have with any cookie recipe I get from FNM is the lack of add-ins (aka chips, fruit, nuts, etc).  They think an even ratio of oatmeal and chocolate chips is sufficient: HA! The recipe called for 2 cups of semi-sweet choc chips-- I put in a bag and a half of dark chocolate morsels (it's what I had in my pantry) and it still wasn't enough. Note: I doubled the recipe.

Next time, I'll be heavy handed with the chips, plus I want to make a batch that has dried cranberries and white chocolate chips-- great combo for oatmeal cookies.


  1. Yum! The cranberry white chocolate combo sounds so dreamy! I have been such a sucker for white chocolate lately!

    Love & Lollies... Jessa

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  2. I know! I can't wait to make them... and white chocolate raspberry scones. OBSESSED WITH THOSE!