10 January 2012

Baked Zucchini Chips

I don't know if you've seen this recipe floating around Pinterest:

Since Michael loves zucchini and I'm always trying to find new ways to "eat our vegetables," these baked zucchini chips sang to me like a siren on the seas (but without the whole death thing).

As I had left over Italian style bread crumbs and didn't know oat milk existed (WTF?!), I didn't make my own crumbs and used 1% instead. Normally I have nonfat on hand but my evil grocery store only had skim that expired on the 7th and I went shopping on the 6th. Lame. Also, if I hadn't bought vanilla almond milk that would've been an alternative as well.  Next time. :)

If you decide to make these yummy baked delights, I highly recommend tossing in basil and oregano for extra zest-- it really hit the spot!  Then you can dip them into marinara sauce or homemade ranch. And be careful not to cut them too thin-- they burn.  Obviously I should've used a mandolin to make even sized chippies, but mine broke. Sad panda.

I hope you give these a try for an alternative snack over chips.  They're easy, take a bit of prep work but not too much, and taste great.  Just make sure to double the recipe.


  1. Those look delicious! Did you find a calorie count on these bad boys somewhere?

  2. Me? Count calories? HA! But seriously, I have no idea. My version would obvi have more than the original recipe since that woman is all about clean eating and I'm all about using up the cheap ass ingredients in my "pantry."

    If you sign up for My Fitness Pal (FREE!) you can input the ingredients & amounts, and it will calculate the calories for you. It takes some time but it'll help if you need to count.