21 April 2011


Besides being an excellent blogger (please hold your scoffs til the end), I can draw.  Unless you're a family member or friend I've known since childhood, most people don't know I have this God-given talent.  Sadly I chose not to harness this in college-- a small regret-- but thankfully paper and pencils are abundant in my home.  Lately I've had this urge to draw again; it's extremely theraputic, I love working with my hands, and it always presents a variety of challenges.  For some reason God has yet to reveal to me, I am able draw what I see and as I say, "enhance" reality.  Though I can't create beautiful works straight from my imagination, I can still create lovely drawings.  And I don't paint... yet... I'd love to learn.

So here are a few of my more recent works, though I hope to have my high school art up in a later post.  Pardon me for not having these images scanned: I don't have a scanner.

Black and White Jester.  This is an unfinished Jester from the video game Fable 2 done with Ebony Pencil .  When I'm done with my current project (a submission to Game Informer Magazine), I will finish the poor fellow.

Yellow Rose (colored pencil).  This I did for a charity auction for the Harper College Festival Chorus about 3 years ago.  I did several flower pieces actually, as birds and flowers are my strong suit.  However, I'm trying to branch away from that and do more figure drawing then hopefully move into landscape.

Woman Wearing Valentino.  This is from an image in Vogue Magazine; it's done with a fine tipped marker pen and the entire figure is made up of tiny dots, a technique called stippling. The shadow was done with a thicker marker and filled in, not stippled.

Hope you like these and I look forward to showing more in the future.

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