22 April 2011

High School Drawings

Eye/Nose/Mouth Study in Black & White.  Done with ebony pencil, my art teach was preparing us for drawing portraits.  The all belong to celebrities, the names are as follows from left to right:
Christy Turlington, Johnny Depp, Julia Roberts, Halle Berry, Melina Kanakaredes (no eye), George Clooney's eye in the top right corner, J Lo's mouth below it, and I have no clue who the bottom right nose belongs to.

Flowers in Ink.  This was an illustration with text drawing.  It's not my favorite because the contrast is too dark-- not enough whites.

Butterfly in Ink-- Contour Line Drawing.  One of the first studies we did in art class was contour lines: one continuous line making up an entire image.  This 2x1 butterfly is one entire line, I just stopped when class ended and started up in the same spot the next day. It creates a neat effect.

Dress in Ink-- Stippled.  An assignment asking us to do an advertisement: I chose Marshall Field's and a designer gown. Once again, this dress is made entirely of tiny dots from a small-tipped marker.

Tree and Mountain scene in Oil Pastels.

Horse with Flowers: Black & White Still Life in Ebony Pencil.  This won me a blue ribbon at the regional art fair-- I was 14.  Our big art class project for the semester was to choose a portion of a large central display my teacher set up in the classroom and draw what we see.  I chose this old horse wrapped with silk flowers.  My family noted that if you look carefully, it appears to have the face of a pirate in it... so weird.

Teddy Bear on Tricycle: Black & White Still Life in Ebony Pencil.  This I did when I was 16. Same concept as the above horse.  I won a 2nd place red ribbon as I think some of the background is off and the contract could have been strong, but I'm liking it more and more as I get older.

Angela Bassett as Billie Holiday, photograph from "Face Forward" by Kevyn Aucoin, Colored Pencil.  

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