22 April 2011

Bird Drawings

One of my specialties in high school was drawing birds.  The lines of the feathers work well with my technique, and I usually chose birds as subjects because I love color and they always offered the most.  Enjoy!

Hummingbird. Colored Pencil. This was an early piece-- I'd say I was 15.  Please excuse my background, they're my hardest part and I was trying something here.

Raven. Colored Pencil.  My teacher helped me with the background and I really like it.

Parrot in Black and White.  This was done with a bottle of ink and bamboo sticks on special paper.  This sucker is nice and big, about 1.5x1 ft. and I loved every minute of doing this.  It's made up entirely of small lines.

Toucan Sam. Colored Pencil. Not sure how I like the flower background-- I'd probably do something else now, but the bird turned out well.  Also a lot of fun to do... see what I mean about color?

Duck. Colored Pencil.  

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