03 March 2011

California or BUST!!!

My apologies for the absence from Blogdom.  Some life-changing choices have been made in the last few weeks that I want to announce and offer details about.  However, my hesitation was due to skepticism, insulting comments, and lack of enthusiasm from certain parties who shall remain nameless and blameless.  And how can I share exciting news when I'm pissed off?  It's illogical.

My husband and I will be moving to the greater Los Angeles area in October of this year; I will stop pursuing a degree in education and instead pursue the career choice of my original degree: FILM.  We also brought home another kitten-- who is quite the handful-- and our little family of 4 will move cross-country to follow our (insert cliche here).

This move has been a long time coming.  Originally, before I met Hubby, there was no question about where to move after I graduated college: L.A. L.A. L.A.!!!  Then when we married, he had another year and a half of school and when he graduated, we decided moving to California was not a financially viable option at the time.  Since then we've been in such limbo about where to live, where to work, what career to have... This waiting game caused us to question everything we'd previously been so sure of in college and beforehand.  Finally we'd had enough of this confusion, rejection, shoving our creative spirits aside, Wisconsin (or in my case SNOW), this unfulfilled life that we mutually agreed to move to Hollywood.  By October finances will line up, our lease will end, and winter won't hinder our move.

Don't misunderstand though: I haven't hated life these past few years. Quite the contrary.  I have learned so much about myself since graduating, moving around, and needed these last few years to gain insight into what I truly want from life.  Turns out film has never been a whim-- it's what I NEED to do.  And entering college this past year has helped me eliminate that nagging sensible side of my conscience that kept insisting I should've been a teacher because it's a steady job.  Yes, I absolutely LOVE English, but this current semester made me realize that public education is not for me.  Always look for the silver lining.  And Wisconsin is lovely for those wanting to raise a family and settle down, but it's not right for us.

Fortunately there are 7 months from now until the move, so we have plenty of time to plan the right travel strategy (having cats is tricky), sell and donate what we no longer need, get projects in order, lose weight, and create an L.A. strategy-- this isn't a blind, spur-of-the-moment decision and I refuse to procrastinate.  And what's the plan when we get there, you ask?  Well, move-in, unpack, get jobs, and begin working our way up from the bottom, of course.  I have no illusions about this career choice: it's not what but WHO you know, talent goes only so far, and you must have patience-- this could take years.  Fortunately, we have friends and connections out there to give advice and support and maybe even a guiding nudge or two.  I can't wait to see everyone again!

As far as career plans go, I will always keep writing but hope to put my talents with language to use revising screenplays as a "Script Doctor" and eventually sell my own scripts, and collaborate on projects with other creative people.  My husband, while an excellent producer, wants to dabble in Audio and Sound Design; he creates scores with loops from electronic music programs (I know what you're thinking: "Loops? Ew. Boring." But that's ignorant since you've never heard his stuff-- it's fantastic!).  There is also the potential to try and get into the Video Game Industry, but let's take this one step at a time.  However, as we are fly-by-the-seat-of-our-pants kind of people this could change down the road, but one thing is guaranteed: California is our new home.

There is skepticism surrounding this announcement and I understand where it's coming from, but I hope everyone keeps an open mind.  Maybe you think we'll come back from California with our tails between our legs, maybe you think we're not talented, maybe you think we'll fail.  All I have to say is stop thinking so much about us and start concentrating on your sh*t-- we're not that important.  This move isn't about giving The Finger to those that don't believe in us; this is for us and utilizing our God-given talents.  

P.S.  I would also like to clarify a few key points people continue to point out that, I assure you, we are aware of.

1.  California is expensive.  Duh.
2.  The Film Industry is one of the hardest industries to break into.  Thank you, I heard that at freshman orientation 8 years ago (has it been that long?) and I still remember.
3.  Traffic is horrible.  Also: Duh.
4.  In case anyone needs MORE clarification: we are moving to L.A. to do FILM.
5.  Yes, we do know people out there, having gone to film school with other individuals who, like ourselves, wanted to make movies.
6.  California is REALLY expensive.  Double duh.
7.  L.A. is not Chicago.  Yeah....
8. You need a car.  See #6 for my response.
9.  We really are moving.  Seriously.  Never said we wouldn't.  We're moving.  No joke.
10. L.A. has a bunch of shallow people living there.  News flash: there are shallow people everywhere. I grew up fat. If I don't have thick skin now (pun intended) I never will.


  1. Jamie,

    I think you need to just follow your dreams. Who cares what people think about your life choices. While some people think they have the best intentions for you, they are not YOU. You know what's best for YOU. Go for it!

    -Jessica Parker

  2. Thank you for posting! I've missed hearing from you. This is so exciting. My selfish first thought when I heard the announcement that you two are moving was, "when will i get to see them?". Family parties will be lacking without both you around.
    You're an adult and you've thought this through carefully. I think no matter what happens you'll be happy with your decision. As Michael told me, you don't want to regret never having tried.
    Look at Ben. He's been pursuing his passion in NY and it's worked for him. I'm so excited to hear more aout the process and your plans!