22 January 2010


Next weekend I'm heading down to visit my parents and, in doing so, have volunteered to sing at their church.

That's one of my other "talents"-- singing. I'm not bad, but I'm not great either, plus I'm 130 pounds overweight and feeling a little self-conscious. Insecurities are funny and I've spent most of life NOT doing things because of them, so the church singing shall commence. And don't worry, I am chiseling away at that number, it's just a SLOW process.

There are some days I wish I would've pursued singing over film and writing, wondering if I'd be utilizing music skills in a career versus using no skills in a lead-to-nowhere job. Or perhaps my drawing ability. In high school, my college choices were based on drawing, music, or writing-- good gracious! I'd be poorly employed no matter what!

The one consolation in this observation is realizing that I'm MEANT for the ARTS. If I'd gone into Law or Medicine (God help us all), I would have faced an unfulfilled and useless existence. Anyway, continue carrying on in whatever you're meant to do.

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