01 January 2010


Welcome to the Hodge Podge Gallery! This blog provides an opportunity for me - an amateur artist - to introduce myself to the digital community and show what I'm all about. Am I hoping this blog will be my big break? Not really, if it happens, great, but let's be honest, the chances are slim. Exposure is awesome, but this blog is serving as both a motivating factor for me to draw and write, plus it's a way for me to connect with an area of the public I can't normally communicate with.

Throughout our journey on this blog, you will see drawings, photographs, stories, and maybe even hear some music as I explore the deeply rooted creativity with which God blessed me. You'll also see links, writings, and videos from other artists I admire and would love to share with the world.

Willing to grow, I accept and LOVE constructive criticism, as well as positive feedback so comment away! Feel free to ask questions and offer challenges - what better way for all of us to learn! My hope is to update daily. Let's get started!

Hodge Podge

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