16 July 2013

Adventures in Chicagoland

I like Chicago. A lot.

Here are photos from fun times in the City.

South Loop right off the Congress.

Walking up Michigan Ave-- that's Grant Park on the right.

I have so many wonderful memories from the Art Institute. I'd visit my favorite exhibits on the free days or use my student discount. #sentimental

Art Institute Lion showing some Blackhawks spirit. STANLEY CUP 2013 CHAMPIONS, baby!!!

The Best.... oh my goodness I want one this minute... Banana Cream Pie. 
Courtesy of the Grand Lux Cafe.

Asian Nachos, also courtesy of the Grand Lux Cafe. 

If you've never tried them YOU HAVEN'T LIVED.

I had to get the Sangria Tea from Argo Tea. 

Can you tell all of my favorite memories revolve around food?!

Hancock. BOOM.

The Courtyard of Fourth Presbyterian Church.

 The Sanctuary.

We also went up to Appleton for a couple days to visit The Husband's family. I didn't take photos with them because.... well... I forgot.

But I remembered to take one of my Copper Rock S'more Mocha!

Happy July! 


  1. Beautiful photos dear!

  2. i love that little courtyard, it looks so serene. the art institute, its awesome you used to go so much :)

    1. Chicago has so many cool places and beautiful spots-- I hope you get to visit!

  3. Chicago seems like so much fun!

    1. It really is-- best time to visit is the fall!