24 March 2013

Quick Fire Review: Downton Abbey Season 3, Rise of the Guardians, Archer, Monster High

While I've been watching way more random crap than what I've posted on here, I thought I'd send out another Quick Fire Review to give you a few more things to check out (or not to check out as the case may be) in your free time. You're welcome.

Monster High

What the heck is it: A charming web series and collection of TV specials and films based on toys. Sounds like a terrible idea, I know, but I've watched two specials and the movie and loved them all! Seriously, the dialogue is clever, the stories are interesting, and it's funny! Plus, being a Lady Nerd, I love the fashions! (I want to be one of these characters for Halloween.... if I dressed up that is)
Who'll like it: Kids around the age of 8 (especially girls), monster fans, lovers of clever animated kids shows, people with good taste.
Where can I find it: I rented the films from Amazon, but you can find the first (New Ghoul At School), as well as the web series, on the Monster High website. I am so freaking excited to watch the episodes and see the new movie Scaris: City of Frights! NERD ALERT!!!

Rise of the Guardians

Based on The Guardians of Childhood young adult book series by William Joyce, Rise of the Guardians introduces everyone's favorite holiday and lore characters-- namely Santa, the Sandman, Easter Bunny, and Tooth Fairy-- as guardians protecting the dreams and hopes of children around the world. This particular installment is the story of how Jack Frost became a guardian and faces off against The Bogeyman.
While the themes of belief and hope are alive and well, the character interpretations are interesting, and the animation really nice, the film lacks the wit and charm attributed to Disney, Pixar, and even Dreamworks's own How To Train Your Dragon. The humor is base, at best, and a few of the celebrity voice actors *cough* Hugh Jackman, Chris Pine (who never stops whispering!!), and Isla Fisher *cough* leave something to be desired. Honestly, I think the film would've gone up a few notches had they hired actual voice actors to play those roles. That being said, Alec Baldwin as Santa is FANTASTIC. He can keep voice-acting all he wants.

Feel free to get things done while you let Rise of the Guardians occupy your kids' attention.

Downton Abbey

Thanks to Masterpiece's website, I was able to catch up with season 3 of Downton Abbey because they post episodes for FREE while a series airs on PBS. How awesome is that?!
Have you seen the period drama about the changing Upstairs/Downstairs dynamic in early 1900's England? It's wonderfully cast, written, and shot, with rich sets and costumes. Season 3 takes you on a whirlwind of drama that will leave you shedding tears only to start laughing again when Dame Maggie Smith enters the room. 

She alone is a reason to watch Downton Abbey. The season finale was shocking, therefore ensuring I will be tuning in for season 4.


Season 3 of the wildly inappropriate, politically incorrect animated spy series Archer has arrived on Netflix! What can I say about Archer........ it's hilarious, ridiculous, and certainly NOT for children. Watch it, you won't regret it.... unless you're easily offended.


  1. I didn't like Season 3 of Downton! Other than the shocks, it didn't have much going on I felt like. I didn't feel like anyone did anything.

    1. Thanks for the input! Sorry you didn't like :( It certainly isn't the best season-- I really like 1 and 2 and could've ended the series there-- but my reason for not liking it as much was the excessive amount of drama, especially for a British series.
      It just seemed like thing after thing after thing kept happening, that I missed savoring the small stuff.

      It's funny how different we saw it! Did you watch it once a week or online all at once? I watched the first 5 or 6 episodes in a row online. Maybe that made a difference.

    2. I got it on DVD, so watched it all in like 3 days...

      You are right though about the amount of drama. I guess I just got used to a more elevated amount and then felt that other than the big moments, there wasn't a lot of filler. I still love Downton though and am excited to see what happens now...