04 October 2012

Disney Baby

Not to be mistaken for my catchphrase: "Disney, baby!" Another classic example of why punctuation is important.

Now that I've reminded you of all those years you were forced to study dangling participles, conjunctions, and the Oxford comma, let's get to the point: SHOPPING! More specifically, baby shopping which, in my opinion, is the most fun ever in all the Universe!!! Can shopping for tiny clothes, tiny shoes, and tiny hats get any cuter? 


Just. Add. Disney. 

Gather Mickey and the Gang, Winnie the Pooh (and Eeyore too), all of our Pixar heroes, and suddenly shopping for babies goes from cute to MAGICAL. Disney Baby has been around for awhile but only online. So imagine my giddy excitement when I found out a Disney Baby Store would be opening at the Americana (our local fancy-pants shopping center that I apparently never blogged about). Take that giddiness and times it by a million when I discovered this was the flagship store!

I've never been one that needs the latest trendy thing before everyone else... BUT, I love Disney and it will be wonderful watching the growth of this branch of the company.

Almost bought a pair of these!


Ever since I watched the Tinker Bell films, I've been in love with all things Pixie Hollow.

Wishing they had these in plus-size adult.

DB also had a great selection of Classic Pooh.


As always, the store has that atmospheric charm Disney does so well.

I spent most of my life rejecting the idea of having children. Then I met my husband-- he makes me want to be a parent because I believe the world will be a better place with a few more people like him. My husband and I hope to start trying for kids next year! Crazy! Don't hold me to that because we have to cement a few aspects of our life first, but we're both feeling the urge to raise a family of animals AND children!


  1. SO cute!!!! I am happy to hear that you have plans for a baby next year. You'll be a great mother!
    LA By Diana Live Magazine

    1. Thanks Diana-- what a sweet thing to say!

  2. OHMYGSOH SO CUTE! i can't wait to have little kids to dress up either - i totally wanna dress my baby up as toad from mario. and these are all so cute. it's exciting that you have plans to have kids - how great!

    <3 katherine
    of corgis and cocktails

    1. Toadie Baby!!! Love it! I want to dress my baby up as a pumpkin because baby pumpkins are the cutest!