04 May 2012

The Avengers Movie

Kicking off Summer Blockbuster season is the much anticipated Avengers, where we watch many of our favorite Marvel superheroes finally, if not reluctantly, team up to do what heroes do best: save the world. Okay, so that's the basic plot, nothing out of the ordinary or too complex mainly because you're dealing with a large cast of leading men, as well as more famous actors and actresses playing side characters and villains. The writers were careful not to overdue the complexities of plots and subplots as it would be an overwhelming amount of information. And of course, because of all the previous films for each superhero, the time that would have been spent on backstory is now spent on action and the explanation of how Hulk, Captain America, Thor, Black Widow, Hawkeye, and Ironman come together as a team.

Joss Whedon-- director and writer of all things nerdy (Buffy, Serenity, Firefly, Dollhouse, Angel... did you also know he's one of the writers for the Toy Story screenplay?!)-- did a wonderful job expressing his enthusiasm for action-filled Comic Book films peppered with one-liners, his obvious goal being BALANCE. A film with an ensemble cast of heavy-hitters like Robert Downey Jr, Samuel L. Jackson, Chris Hemsworth, Mark Ruffalo (etc etc) requires balance in every aspect: screen time, action sequences, dialogue, story, and characterization (aka each person gets to have their moment). From the pacing to the teamwork, Whedon satisfies every fan who wants to see his or her favorite character kick some butt.

And let's not forget about FX. One of the best things about evolving computer technology (besides advances in medicine, defense, & education) is the freedom in filmmaking to create and destroy stuff. These FX artists made the amazing floating battleship that is S.H.I.E.L.D. far more impressive than what I've seen in comics, cartoons, and video games, yet stayed true to the layout and overall look.  At the same time, poor NYC (what a surprise) was torn apart during a thrilling 40 or so minute battle sequence that was nothing short of engaging. It does make me feel bad for New York though, that city and LA get beaten up all the time in movies. Yet look how much more Whedon and his crew can give us moviegoers with CG technology-- the Avengers wouldn't have been possible 10 years ago... or at least not a good quality version.

Overall, as an intelligent individual capable of making smart decisions, you will ultimately know whether or not a film like Avengers is right for you. If you're not a fan of explosion littered action films or superhero movies, you might want to see The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel (also on my list to watch and review), Last Call at the Oasis, or take in Hunger Games one more time. Personally, I loved it and can't wait to see the movie again. I think we all know not to expect the likes of The Dark Knight or Inception, but you can expect plenty of action, entertainment, and a great cinematic ride from beginning to end.

P.S. STAY FOR THE CREDITS ALL THE WAY UNTIL THEY END!!!  There are 2 bonus scenes.


  1. I wasn't toooo jazzed about the Avengers (I mean don't get me wrong, I wanted to see it but I wasn't considering going to the theater for it) but ugh, as the days go by I feel like I can't wait for DVD :) PS you should really enter the superstition vintage giveaway on mah bloggy-It's for $30...I mean kinda awesome right?! http://lorilynn-alittlesliceofspecial.blogspot.com/2012/05/superstition-vintage-giveaway.html

    1. Honestly, excluding the intellectual nature of the Batman films, The Avengers is the best comic book film I've seen to date (and I've seen them all... sadly). I LOVED Iron Man and wasn't sure if I liked the idea of RDJ sharing the screen with all those other guys but it was great, and funny, and action-packed with gorgeous men.

      Okay, I shall enter your contest :) I was giving you other lovely followers a fighting chance!