13 November 2011

Current Favorites: November 2011

I'm going to make this short and sweet.

First up: my lovely nails I did for my witch costume. I've got 5 coats of various polish which made them last... well... till now.  
-Sally Hansen Double Duty Strengthening Base & Top Coat (2 for 1!)
-Gleek Out lime glittery green polish from Sephora by OPI
-Uh-oh Roll Down the Window olive green polish by OPI

Smashbox Photo Finish Color Correcting Primer
The one I use is on the right since my face has extra redness.  A great primer is a miracle worker when it comes to an even complexion. These run $16 at Sephora. 

Puzzle Quest: Challenge of the Warlords for iPad.
Confession time: I have this game on DS, PS3, and Xbox360.  Am I obsessed? Maybe.  Basically it's all about matching gems to do everything, from fighting Ogres and Ghouls to researching spells and seizing kingdoms.  As it involves no actual gaming skills whatsoever it's a perfect game for me.  And the iPad edition has another storyline and more creatures to fight, capture, and glean spells from.  
100% worth the $6.99.

What would a Nov. current favorites post be without coffee?  As you should know (I say 'should' because I'm positive everyone's world revolves around the SB special drinks calendar like mind does), the holiday bevvies are out and with it my absolute favorite drink-- even more so than the Pumpkin Spices Latte (gasp!).
Gingerbread Lattes taste like the holidays-- like what Granny's house must smell like when you travel over the river and through the woods in your horse drawn carriage as the snow silently falls around you, icing the trees.
Did a coffee drink just make me sound poetic?  You bet your ass it did.

The Village Bakery and Cafe
I could eat here every day.  It's a block from my apartment, the baked goods are excellent, but even more so, the entrees are fantastic.  They make just about everything homemade, and offer vegan options with free range and organic ingredients thrown in for good measure. 
What should you try?  Well, my fave pastries are the Fighting Cake (a small yellow cake soaked with almond flavor) and the Berry Bar with lemon. Hubby loves the Donut Muffin. Meal wise, my husband loves their Chipotle Chicken Sandwich while I'm partial to the Cream of Butternut Squash Soup and Chicken Salad sandwich.  But you must must MUST order Thanksgiving on a Bun at least once (and grab extra napkins).

"A Very She & Him Christmas" by She & Him
A collaboration between Zooey Deschanel and M. Ward, this album provides classic Christmas tunes with the deep vocals and lazy sound of Zooey yet still modern thanks to Ward's sweet guitar. I guess the best way to describe the sound is... cheerfully melancholic.  The reverse roles "Baby It's Cold Outside" is fast and fun, "Little Saint Nick" is a nice retro throw back to the Beach Boys, while "The Christmas Song" is slow, soft, and makes you want to curl up next to a fire with a cup of cocoa and watch the snow fall.  I'm a fan.

And how could I not toss a bit of Thanksgiving love your way? The Food Network mag (and shows and website) are a wealth of up-to-date information for all your turkey, side dish, and pie baking needs.  This issue has a mini booklet of 50 pie recipes!  Score!
Just don't read it when you're hungry.

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  1. I have been obsessed with She and Him for awhile now-their albums are Ammaaaaaazing!