16 November 2011

"Creep" Covers

I love love love music. A lot.  The more the merrier.  It's fun to discover new bands, rekindle affairs with old ones, and discover new old bands.  As I continue to grow in my marriage, I also continue to grow in my tastes, as my husband has different tastes than me and grew up listening to all the music I couldn't because of parental warnings (another blog for another day).

And so, I got this idea for a post about great songs by great bands covered by other artists.  I'll post the original, then 2 different covers I like of the same song, and you can decide which is better.  Or determine that I have horrible taste (which would NEVER happen).

The first song is "Creep" by Radiohead. Though I am not a die hard fan of the band (honestly, I don't get most of their music), "Creep" has always been a favorite since I first heard it on the radio in high school.  It's a sexy sexy song.  Here's the original:

I hope you're ready for two more versions!

There are a TON of covers for "Creep" but I chose two from two very different artists with completely opposite styles... even from Radiohead.

Next: Ingrid Michaelson. Although iTunes considers her "pop," Ingrid has a folky alternative sound not heard much on popular radio these days.  I must warn you: this is going to sound VERY different.

And finally: the Matteo DiMarr remix.  I heard this on SiriusXM's BPM station and loved it.  I think because I am all about the melody and lyrics of the original. The entire mix is 7:26 minutes so you may need to skip through the intro and get to the actual song part around 1:50.  It's a really cool mix though.

Which do you like?  Do you like either of them?

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  1. I freaking love Ingrid! I haven't listened to her in awhile though-I need to get her off my ipod and onto my phone (explanation: I don't use my ipod anymore)