05 July 2011

Current Favorites: July 2011

It's that time of the month again!  No... not that time... here are my CURRENT FAVORITES!
Teavana Loose Leaf Tea-- One of the perks of working here is unlimited free drinks on your shift.  How much tea can you really drink, you ask?  A lot when it comes to the tasty variety of teas offered by Teavana, not to mention the unending combinations.  I'm obsessed. 

Starbucks Iced Coffee-- Because I adore the JavaVana Mate iced tea lightly sweetened with a teaspoon of cream... I decided to step out of my comfort zone and try iced coffee.  It's delish with a bit of flavoring and a tiny amount of Half and Half! A refreshing summer boost.

Thread Earrings-- I have these in coral with a gold frame from Charming Charlie's.  I just wish I had more outfits to wear them with.

Shark Bite Tanks-- This is a nice one from Lane Bryant, but the one I got from there is gray with a lovely black and silver rose print.  They're figure flattering (for me anyway), comfortable, and an easy look to accessorize.

Jessie J-- You might be more familiar with her song "Price Tag" but "Do It Like a Dude" (this specific rendition of it) is awesome.  Jessie J is one of a few artists who is BETTER LIVE than recorded.  Hopefully I can see her in concert over and over again!

Graham Norton-- Whenever I'm feeling blue or having a blah day, GN never fails to make me laugh out loud. Never. The new season on BBC America just started but I record the reruns as well because this show is that much fun.  Of course I do have quite the Brit obsession...

Hope you check out some of my faves and have a great July!  Are you into anything new?


  1. I seriously love tea-I haven't heard of Teavana before and sadly the only one near me is at the Mall of America, which frankly, I avoid like the plague most of the time. I have been wanting to try adagio tea for awhile now-I've even made and saved a few custom blends, I just need to take the plunge and buy some lol. Also, I very much want to try a bloom-but they are so expensive-I feel like a need a super cool cup to display it in!

  2. I highly recommend getting into loose leaf tea and Teavana has some great stuff! However, I'd search around for some excellent online vendors that are cheaper or go to the store and try stuff first. Though I love the tea, I need to keep it real and say that the company itself is very sales & profit driven.

    BUT, Teavana does have an awesome double walled glass tumbler PERFECT for blooms & someone on the go, not to mention our Peach Momotaro & Strawberry Misaki blooms are yummy. They are pricey, but did you know that one bloom can get you at least 3 pots/tumblers of tea??