13 June 2011

Summer Reading: 2011-- REVISED

So I'm adding or altering my list... I haven't decided yet.  While out and about with my husband today, I made the mistake of going to Barnes & Noble. After collecting a stack of young adult novels, reading summaries and the first couple chapters of each, I now find that there are some books I'd like to add to the top of my list.  I know I know... I do this to myself every year! But what can I say, I still had leftover gift card money in my Amazon account.

Here are the new titles--

(Book 6 in the Sookie Stackhouse series-- thanks for tempting me, Lori!)

Also, I'm dropping The Cookbook Collector for now.  I've read several chapters and well... I'm BORED. There's some kind of romance in there but the author-- who critics claim writes like a modern day Jane Austen (liars!)-- is doing her damnedest to get into it ASAP ("As SLOW As Possible"). Well now, it's time to keep reading so I'll talk to you soon!

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