24 December 2010

Twas the Week Before Christmas...

Though I've been a bit of a Scrooge about Christmas this year, I would like to spruce up this blog with some festive photos.  We've been visiting my former stomping grounds, spending time with family and friends, visiting Chicago, and goofing off with the cat.  My spirits are still low and I am finding the normal Christmas routine just that-- a routine.  I think new traditions and experiences are in order, and I am looking forward to those we start with our future children.

 The 900 North Christmas tree... from the bottom.

 Fourth Presbyterian in Chicago.

 The manger at Christkindlmarket.

 Hand-painted ornaments from Germany-- at the market.

 Niko looking festive on his 3rd birthday.

 Watching the Christmas Eve snow.

The table for Christmas Eve dinner.

Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night!

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